live event – Battle in the creek

Pure Pro Wrestling | Battle In The Creek

Saturday September 25, 2021
6:00 PM  9:00 PM


Your Battle In The Creek Match Lineup!

As Pure Pro Wrestling always does, we will bring you a night to remember!  We’ve built an amazing and one-of-a-kind event that will have you screaming and cheering the heroes and villians of Pure Pro Wrestling!

X Division Championship Match “THE WALKING WEAPON” JOSH ALEXANDER (c) VS Death Threat Army’s AARON ORION

“The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander is an international TV star and reigning X Division Champion for Impact Wrestling. Impact Wrestling is one of the most recognized and most watched brands of pro wrestling in the world. Alexander is a Toronto native who takes pride in being a pro wrestling machine. The champion hits hard, strikes fast, and has a submission game that is off the charts. Alexander likes to say “no ankle is safe” for a reason. His finisher is a modified version of the ankle lock, a devastating submission hold used by Ken Shamrock and Kurt Angle to win World Championships in the past. Alexander has won hundreds of matches and championships with this hold. IF he locks in on Orion his night will not end well.

Aaron Orion is a US Army Veteran and the founder of the Death Threat Army, a stable of elite wrestlers from the Midwest & Southern states. Orion is also a coach at Pure Pro Wrestling. Anyone who has seen him in action knows that he is hands down the most intense wrestler you’re ever going to see in the ring. Orion likes to mix deadly striking combinations with powerful technical moves to subdue his opponents before pinning them. Orion is considered to be one of the top wrestlers in all of Michigan by his fans and peers and if he’s successful in pinning or submitting Josh Alexander at Battle in the Creek, he will become the new X Division Champion and join the ranks of Impact Wrestling. This is a HUGE opportunity for a Michigan made talent!

Michigan State Cruiserweight Championship Bout


In what many are calling a “dream match,” the two top wrestlers under 210 lbs will go to war for the right to be called Michigan’s Cruiserweight Champion. The challenger Zach Gowen is a WWE Alumni who broke down barriers and shattered expectations by becoming the first wrestler with one leg in WWE history. Gowen lost his leg to cancer as a young boy and despite his handicap went on to compete in the WWE. Gowen went toe-to-toe with Brock Lesnar, The Big Show, Matt Hardy, formed a tag team with Hulk Hogan, and even fought Mr. McMahon himself! Gowen has also competed on American Ninja Warrior, Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, and has toured Japan, Mexico, & Europe. When Gowen isn’t kicking butt in the ring he’s inspiring students at schools all across America by giving motivational speeches describing his profound journey.

The Champion, “Perfection Personified” James Alexander is a consummate professional wrestler who’s a technical master at the art of professional wrestling. Alexander has trained with some of the top coaches in the world, has competed in the WWE multiple times, and is widely considered to be one of the top unsigned pro wrestlers in all of wrestling. Fitness, nutrition, and constant training gives Alexander a distinct advantage as this workhorse never tires out.

Midget Wrestling Warriors Championship Bout: Lucha Libre Espectacular

Fans won’t believe their eyes as the mightiest Midget Wrestling Warriors in all of the world go 1 on 1 for the most prestigious prize in all of Midget wrestling. If you’ve never seen the Lucha Libre style of wrestling before, then you are truly in for a treat! Lucha is a Mexican born, specialized form of professional wrestling that combines lightning quick acrobatics and high flying maneuvers. Don’t let their size fool you, Mascarita Divina & El Potro are two of the best luchadors in the world today. Divina, a técnico, is a fan favorite who is willing to fight to his last breath for his fans. The evil Rudo El Potro has no respect for the fans and is willing to cheat his way to the championship. Buckle up your seatbelts folks, this match is going to be amazing!

Winner Take ALL 6 Man Tag Team Match for Continental & Tag Team Championships

“NASTY” NICK XERO(c) & TEAM VIP – “High Profile” Dylan Night & Mr. One Night Only (C) Managed by JACK KELLY VS “HARD TO KILL” DYLAN DERRINGER & THE WARRIOR’S WAY – Tenshi & Gideon Malice

“Nasty” Nick Xero has been the reigning PPW Continental Champion for nearly 2 years. Xero is a crafty veteran who has an uncanny ability to get inside the heads of his opponents causing them to make massive mistakes. Xero is a “bender of the rules” and has no shame when he cheats to win a match. His teammates, the Michigan State Tag Team Champions Team VIP are two of the most vile villains to ever step foot inside the squared circle. “High Profile” Dylan Night is a 20 year, world traveled pro wrestler w/ an incredible resume.. His protege and tag team partner Mr. One Night Only is a fashion aficionado/ rapper who also happens to be an extremely cocky & arrogant fighter who’s grit and ability to withstand a beating have made him a commodity in the tag team division.

Team VIP & Xero will have a tough task at hand if they are planning on defeating the team of Derringer, Tenshi, & Malice. Dylan Derringer represents the “Dirty Orphan Gang,” a renegade group of wrestlers who grew up in the system and choose to live homeless. Derringer’s upbringing in the foster system put him through situations that no person should ever have to face. This is why he is willing to risk life and limb to destroy his opponent. His partners Tenshi & Malice are two of the most accomplished wrestlers on the PPW Roster. Malice is a former NWA Tag Team Champion & the longest reigning Michigan State Heavyweight Champion of all time. He held the most prestigious belt in Michigan for 2 years, a feat that will never be matched. Tenshi is a former AIWF World Women’s Champion and has scored several victories against male opponents. As a trio, fans can expect to see a combination of speed, power, and martial arts! The stipulation of this match will put all three titles on the line in one epic tag team match. A team only needs to score one pin fall or submission to take all three belts. If the challengers win Derringer will be the new Continental Champion & The Warrior’s Way will become the new Tag Team Champions. With 6 of the top wrestlers in PPW squaring off, the belts could go to either team!

Tag Team Grudge Match: The Nomads VS Danny Astro & Adam Drake

The Nomads are the most decorated tag team in PPW history. Ace Evans, the founder and leader of the team is a multiple time Michigan State Heavyweight & tag team champion. His partner in crime Road Rash have held many tag team titles together in the past. The Nomads are a ruthless duo of bikers that have run rough shot over the PPW Tag Team Division for years. Many teams have stepped up to challenge them, but few have succeeded.

The Nomads will face the team of “Spaceman” Danny Astro & “All Star” Adam Drake, two rookie sensations fresh out of the PPW Development Center. These blue chippers have been turning heads all Summer long as they’ve been lining up competition and knocking it down all over the state of Michigan. Astro & Drake are no strangers to the Nomads. The two teams have locked horns several times over the course of the Summer and will look to settle the score by any means necessary. As the count stands, both teams are deadlocked with an equal number of victories over one another. Whichever team is left standing will be a surefire pick to challenge for the Tag Team Titles in the near future.

Lethal Ladies of Wrestling


Teenage wrestling sensation Alexis Royale will go toe-to-toe against the punk rock brawler Hannah Henderson. Royale originally started training in PPW’s Junior Grappler division, but her hard work, attitude, and ability landed her a promotion to the adult division by her Coaches. At nearly 6ft tall, Alexis is a powerful wrestler who loves to use a full arsenal of submission moves. Her opponent, Hannah Henderson is as dangerous as lightning in a bottle. What she lacks in height she makes up in the fight. Henderson is a brawler who likes to pick a body part and make sure you can’t use it for the next few months. Her version of the “Neckbreaker” has scored her several victories against top woman wrestlers across the Midwest.

Singles Bout: “Black Diamond” Jack Price VS “Lighthouse” Derick Draven

Jack Price is a member of the ultra athlete group known as DTA. Price’s speed, agility, and explosiveness make him a threat to any wrestler at any weight class. His opponent Derick Draven is an enigmatic brawler who is as ruthless and brutal as anyone in wrestling today. What makes Draven a wildcard is the fact that he loves to feel the pain his opponents afflict on him. He seems to feed off the sensation he receives from every strike and slam. The winner of this match will certainly be put in a position to be a strong candidate for future contender status.


Michigan’s Largest & Only Touring Brand of Pro Wrestling has arrived in Battle Creek, MI! Battle in the Creek will be a LIVE pro wrestling event featuring action packed, hard hitting, family friendly pro wrestling featuring some of the top athletes in all of professional wrestling. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the veterans at the American Legion Post 257.

Fans in attendance can expect to see 2 hours of adrenaline fueled athletes delivering bone crunching slams, spine shattering suplexes, and mouth busting drop kicks.

Event Card




WINNER TAKES ALL 6 MAN TAG TEAM CONTINENTAL & TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP BOUT: Team VIP (c) & “Nasty” Nick Xero (c) VS Tenshi, Malice, & Dylan Derringer

LETHAL LADIES OF WRESTLING BOUT: Alexis Royale VS Hannah Henderson

ALSO IN ACTION: The Nomads, Jack Price, Derrick Draven, the Junior Grapplers, & more!


DATE: Saturday, September 25 2021

Location: American Legion Post 257 – 7475 B Drive N, Battle Creek, MI 49014

Ringside Seating Doors: 5:30PM

General Seating Doors: 6PM

Bell Time: 7PM

The Best of the Best of the Best

PPW is promising to bring fans the best of the best of the BEST of our stacked roster. There will be championship matches, tag team wrestling, heavyweights, cruiserweights, speciality matches and much much more! More details will be available on PPW FB, Twitter, and IG using the handle @ppwpower and the PPW website

Amazing Food & Affordable Drinks

The American Legion will be offering ice cold adult beverages at low, LOW, prices! Fans can also expect plenty of other non alcoholic drinks and delicious food to smash! 

An Experience Like NO Other

IF you have never witnessed a pro wrestling show live, you are in for a treat. Our fans are amazing people who love to have a good time while being respectful to families in attendance. Seeing pro wrestling on TV is nothing compared to the adrenaline and excitement you and your family will feel at ringside! And the best part is that all the wrestlers will be available for autographs and photos.

An Affordable Night of Family Fun – Tickets Prices to fit Any Budget

VIP Ringside Tables for only $200 – Includes 4 tickets, Commemorative T-Shirt, Program, 4 Meals,  & Early Admission

Ringside 1 for ony $30 – Ringside Row 2 Ticket, Commemorative T-Shirt, Program, & Early Admission

Row 2 Ringside for only $25 – Ringside Row 3 Ticket, Commemorative T-Shirt, Program, & Early Admission

*PPW Will contact you for T-Shirt Sizes after order is placed

General Admission for Only $20 or 4 for $60 ($20 in savings)

$5 General Admission Discount for kids, veterans, and first responders!

***VIP Seating Capacity will be limited! Tickets will sell fast! Don’t delay, buy yours TODAY!


Each wrestler will have their own unique merchandise available. The wrestlers are eager to meet their fans, sign autographs, and help you pick out the right poster, t-shirt, hat, action figure, and more. Bring some extra cash to take a piece of the action home with you. Your new favorite wrestler awaits!





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