Live Event Playbook

Use this form to create a live event program. Each contributor will receive the information gathered on this page and will begin the creation of live event assets needed to promote this new show. Start with the instructions below:


Please use this form help our marketing team create the next live event:

Joe (and other promoters):

  1. Please start with this document, this information will automatically go to everyone with all of the details here.
  2. Fill out the fields as completely as you can.
  3. All items marked with a “* (required)” are required.
  4. If some information is not yet known, please indicate that as “TBD” (to be determined) on the form. Onec that information has been obtained, reply to the media mailbox with updated instructions.
  5. If you have the Ticketspice page setup already, put that into the form.
  6. If you have a Google Drive folder with images you’d like used, use the link in the form.
  7. If you have a Youtube video you’d like to use, please put the link into the form.
  8. Give any directions for graphics asset creation.
  9. Also, please give any wording, instructions, and scheduling information for social media.
  10. Finally, please give any wording, instructions, and design information for placement on the website.

Anurag: Please create graphics for social media, print, and web. Once complete, please send the results to the media mailbox.

Alexis and Luke (Brett): Please build social post templates with link back to either the ticketspice, or the event page. Share links with the media mailbox.

Dean: Please create the event landing page, update the “Live Events” and Front pages, andplease share links with the media mailbox.


Event Information:

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