A Leading Pro Wrestling Company nearly 20 Years

For nearly 20 years Pure Pro Wrestling has raised thousands of dollars for worthwhile community causes. Their highly regarded Ringside Mentors program is one of the most unique and effective bully prevention education programs in America. Several schools have reported a significant reduction in bullying reports after PPW has visited the school district.


What is Pure Pro Wrestling?

PPW is an independent professional wrestling organization that works in correlation with fairs & festivals, public & private schools, civic organizations, & non profit agencies to provide a wholesome brand of entertainment that families from all walks of life can enjoy. Every PPW event is family friendly and community oriented. Over the past ten years PPW has raised thousands of dollars for worthwhile community efforts.

Are PPW events appropriate for families?

PPW takes pride in providing a family-oriented presentation that appeals to all ages & walks of life. PPW in no way, shape, or form advocates violence, instead PPW wrestling bouts are presented as athletic contests between two athletes. The action seen in the ring is not meant to be tried by those who lack the proper training, especially children. This message is also conveyed at every live event. All PPW live event content & TV programming boasts a PG rating.

How can I schedule Pure Pro Wrestling for a fundraising or private event?

PPW produces 50 or more live events per year. PPW can produce live events as a source of fundraising or booked as outright entertainment for private events, family celebrations, and birthday parties. To book PPW or for more information on booking PPW simply email us or call us. Contact info is listed below.

Does PPW provide advertising opportunities for businesses? 

Conventional advertising is more expensive and less effective than its ever been. If you’re looking for an innovative way to effectively advertise your business or products then PPW will certainly help out. Simply contact us utilizing the info provided at the end of the page. Find out more here.

How do I join Pure Pro Wrestling?

PW has several opportunities to get directly involved within the organization. PPW is currently accepting volunteer staff, trained pro wrestlers, refs, & managers.

PPW currently is seeking qualified candidates to be hired in several fields. Fill out the form below to contact us and get started today. 

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