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Pure Pro Wrestling (PPW) is Michigan’s largest and only touring brand of professional wrestling. For nearly 20 years, PPW has produced family friendly live events and has trained some of the finest wrestlers in the Midwest. Past students have gone on to perform for WWE, Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Evolve, and several major independent pro wrestling companies. PPW’s training program takes great pride in providing professional coaching for an affordable price. Our passionate and experienced coaching staff are committed to helping each student achieve their goals.

Training sessions are fun, yet challenging. Our courses are perfect for career minded athletes as well as individuals who are looking for an exciting form of physical fitness and a place to meet other people who share their passion for professional wrestling. Our classes are designed to prepare students to perform on live events. Classes provide an amazing social atmosphere where friendships are built and memories are made.

Our staff will push you to perform at your very best; however this is NOT boot camp. Our coaches teach with safety as their number one priority. PPW doesn’t believe in aggressive physical and mental abuse and degradation as a way to teach. We believe in an abundance of repetition and positive motivation. PPW doesn’t cram too much information into a fixed time curriculum where students only have X amount of weeks to learn. Students who are forced to attempt to learn everything in a short amount of time often graduate from other programs lacking confidence and the ability to perform at a professional level. Our coaches give our students the time they need to develop technique and build confidence.


The curriculum taught at PPW is designed to make you the most well rounded professional wrestler possible. Our coaches focus on grappling, striking, slams, throws, submissions, high flying and more. We teach a variation of styles ranging from traditional American “catch-as-catch-can” along with Japanese “puroresu,” “lucha libre” from Mexico, and “Classic Euro” from England. We put an emphasis on character development, match structure, injury prevention, promos, proper ring positioning, and more.

Students are taught how to eat and train like a professional, develop a resume that may be used to jump start their career, how to identify organizations worth wrestling for, and how to contact and negotiate with promotions while seeking work.

Performing: The goal of our coaching staff is to prepare students to perform in front of a live audience. Our students have their first matches with other students during our “student showcase” portions of our live events. It is here that students will have an opportunity to make their first mistakes in a nurturing learning environment while building their confidence, developing their character, and learning to control the crowd. Once students reach the desired skill level they will have an opportunity to work with veteran wrestlers employed by PPW. Students will have an opportunity to utilize their photography, footage, and relationships to build a resume that can be used to seek work in the independent pro wrestling scene.

Disclaimer: Students are joining a school, not applying for a job. PPW does not compensate students for wrestling. The privilege to perform on live events is a part of our training program and without this experience students would not succeed. Once wrestlers reach a professional level of skill and knowledge they may feel free to move on to other independent wrestling companies. PPW does not guarantee employment for other organizations.

The Junior Grapplers

Junior Grapplers – Pro Wrestling Training for Kids!

PPW’s Junior Grappler program is the only kids pro wrestling training program in America. Passionate and qualified coaches teach real professional wrestling techniques in a safe and nurturing environment to kids ranging from 6-18 years of age. Students who train regularly have an amazing opportunity to perform on live events in front of thousands of people all across the state of Michigan. Our Junior Grapplers have the ability to create their own characters and costumes and choreograph their performances. The Junior Grappler program builds confidence and self esteem, helps to develop a work ethic in children, and inspires teamwork. The program is a great way for children to be physically active in a non competitive sporting environment. The Junior Grapplers program is fully inclusive. Students with disabilities are welcomed and accepted. Our program has proven results in helping students overcome obstacles associated with autism, ADHD, musculoskeletal disorders, anxiety, and depression.


Seminar With A Star

Nearly every month PPW offers specialty seminars with a variety of stars working in the professional wrestling industry. Past seminars have included wrestlers who have performed for WWE, Impact Wrestling, ROH, All Elite Wrestling, ECW, World of Sport, CMLL, Lucha Underground and AAA. These seminars help students learn different styles and techniques while getting insider information that will help them get to the next level. Prices for these seminars range from $20 to $50 and last 90 minutes to 2 hours. Both adult and junior students are welcome to attend.


Coaching Staff

Joe “Xavier Justice” Byrd

PPW’s Founder & Head Coach has spent over 20 years, more than half his life, in the professional wrestling business. Byrd started his career at the age of 16 and over the span of two decades wrestled all across the United States against some of the toughest grapplers ever to step inside the squared circle. Byrd has held several prestigious championships including the Michigan State Heavyweight and Tag Team Championships. Along the way, Byrd founded Pure Pro Wrestling (PPW), which has become Michigan’s largest and only touring brand of pro wrestling. Utilizing PPW as a vehicle, Byrd has been able to raise nearly a half a million dollars for charitable causes and has created several successful youth programs that have impacted the lives of children of all ages and walks of life. Byrd has also lived in India where he served as a Head Coach and Wrestler for Continental Wrestling Entertainment, India’s first professional wrestling school founded by WWE Hall of Famer The Great Khali. Outside of pro wrestling Byrd has served as a Youth Sports Director and has coached baseball, wrestling, football, & basketball in Flint, Michigan and its surrounding communities. Byrd works tirelessly to impact the lives of at risk youth and has a true passion for philanthropy. Past students have gone on to work for WWE, Impact Wrestling, ROH, & other major independent companies.

Ace Evans

Coach Ace Evans brings 15+ years of experience to the table. He has traveled all across the United States performing at a high level while absorbing knowledge from some of the best minds in the business. Evans was a part of Head Coach Xavier Justice’s second class of athletes. He is the founder of The Nomads, one of the most successful factions ever created in the state of Michigan. Evans also has a tremendous mind for marketing, branding and sales. He created Facekicked Apparell from scratch and has become the most widely used merchandise printer in the state of Michigan.

Dylan “High Profile” Night

With over 20+ years experience as a wrestler, coach, booker, and promoter on his resume, Dylan Night is the consummate professional. He is PPW’s locker room leader and many young stars look up to him for guidance both inside and outside of the ring. Since joining the PPW family nearly 5 years ago, Night has helped to elevate the company to new heights. Night trained in the original ECW dojo, has wrestled for the original TNA, ECW, and overseas. Night was once a booker, promoter and coach for World Xtreme Wrestling run by Samoan Dynasty legend Afa Anoa’i. Night currently serves as a Coach, Producer, and Head of Talent Relations for PPW.


Known in Pure Pro Wrestling as the wild man of The Nomads, Roadrash has over 10 years of experience inside the squared circle. This tag team specialist is one of our most popular coaches among our students because of his thorough coaching skills and his unique lesson plans. Roadrash is also a tremendous asset to the coaching staff as he constantly helps students with confidence building, character development and promos.

James Alexander

Widely regarded as one of the best independent wrestlers in the United States, James Alexander brings 20 years of unparalleled knowledge to the table. Alexander trained at the House of Truth and Florida Championship Wrestling, a former developmental territory of the WWE. This multiple time champion has wrestled all across the United States and has competed in several matches for WWE. Recently Alexander made his All Elite Wrestling (AEW) debut and is expected to return for multiple appearances. 

Alexander is our resident Nutrition & Fitness expert. He is a Personal Trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) since 2011, Certified Yoga instructor, Certified Senior Fitness Instructor, and continues his education focusing on core strength/endurance, injury prevention, and flexibility/mobility. Alexander is also a former Member Experience Manager at Anytime Fitness of Grand Blanc, MI.

Outside of professional wrestling, Alexander works as a Paraeducator instructing in a Sports Medicine classroom at the Genesee Career Institute. His students become certified personal trainers at the end of the course upon completing the exam. His students can go on to pursue a career in physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, and chiropractic therapy.

Gideon Malice

This Michigan legend serves as a Coach, locker room leader, and mentor to students enrolled in PPW’s training program. Malice once held the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship for 2 years, a record that will never be broken. Malice trained at the House of Truth and has over 15 years of experience traveling the United States as an accomplished pro. He is also a former NWA World Tag Team Champion and is one of the most popular athletes on the PPW roster. Malice’s experience and guidance provided to our young athletes provides an invaluable asset to our staff. Malice also sits on the Board of Directors for Pro Wrestling Revival, PPW’s faith based brand that serves as a traveling ministry.

Jack Kelly

Inside the ring Jack Kelly is one of the most hated, yet loved villains in Pure Pro Wrestling. Outside of the ring, this pro wrestler Manager extraordinaire serves as a Character Development & Promo Coach. Kelly started his career training right here in PPW and has managed multiple PPW & AIWF Champions. Kelly has experience in both acting and singing and is one of the most entertaining acts in all of independent pro wrestling. Kelly is also a positive role model and mentor for our Junior Grapplers and serves as the Production Manager on all live events for PPW.

Dylan Derringer

“Hard to Kill” Dylan Derringer is one the most exciting up-and-coming pro wrestlers in the Midwestern United States. After training at the PPW Development Center Derringer has spent the past 5+ years traveling from state-to-state performing and perfecting his craft. Derringer is a natural at the sport and has chosen to take on the role of coach here in PPW while he continues to gain momentum in his own career. Derringer is a natural coach who has a genuine desire to see others succeed. 

Ray “Alpha” Adams

Ray “Alpha” Adams is a seasoned professional wrestling trainer at Pure Pro Wrestling, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the aspiring wrestlers under his guidance. As a senior student and accomplished professional wrestler himself, Ray embodies the essence of a true alpha in the squared circle. With a career marked by tenacity and skill, he imparts his expertise to the next generation of grapplers, emphasizing not just the physical aspects of the sport but also the importance of character, showmanship, and resilience. Ray’s commitment to nurturing talent and instilling a strong work ethic in his trainees has made him a respected figure in the world of professional wrestling, leaving an indelible mark on the future stars who pass through the hallowed halls of Pure Pro Wrestling.

Mr. One Night Only

Mr. One Night Only is the villain that fans love to hate. Mr. ONO has held both the Michigan State Heavyweight & Tag Team Titles. He has a true passion for entertaining, character development, and storytelling. Students benefit from his experience and genuine understanding of the craft. Mr. One Night Only also serves as a Live Event Producer, Writer, & Content Creator for PPW.


Sign Up, Scheduling, Location, and Payment


Pure Pro Wrestling takes pride in being one of the most trustworthy & affordable professional wrestling schools in the Midwestern United States. Our tuition is only $20 per class on a pay-as-you-go basis. PPW accepts cash, checks, debit/credit cards, & Paypal. There are NO CONTRACTS or hidden fees. Students may start and stop training at any time. Open gym & weight room time may be booked for $10 per hour per student, however this only pertains to active students.

Location & Facilities

The home of PPW’s training center is Camp Justice located in beautiful Goodrich, Michigan. Camp Justice is located on our Head Coach Xavier Justice’s family farm, a stunning 22 acre slice of paradise. Visitors are taken aback by the scenic nature view and small town atmosphere. Camp Justice is only a few minutes away from exits on the I-69 & I-75 interstate. The local communities of Goodrich, Hadley, and Davison feature outstanding dining destinations & unique shopping experiences.

Facilities: Include a 16X16 professional wrestling ring, weight room, and mat wrestling area. Weight room amenities include a Smith Machine, free weights, adjustable bench, kettlebells, slam ball, battle rope, heavy bag, jump ropes, agility ladder, pull up bar, cardio equipment, and pulldown machine. Our training space also doubles as a recording studio for promotional content, photography, and internet television tapings.

Address: 5327 Washburn RD. Goodrich, MI 48438

*Students and visitors must book sessions and tours in advance. Please, do not just show up without an appointment.

New Sign Ups & Scheduling

All students both new and current must schedule training sessions in advance. Failure to do so will not guarantee a spot or a coach.

New Students must click the “New Sign Up” Button, fill out the form in its entirety and consent to the training and media release waivers. After the signing up process is complete, students must click the scheduling button and schedule their first session.

Current Students click on the schedule button to book your next session.

All students are responsible for the days they schedule. No refunds will be granted for missed sessions. If students elect to pay in person and miss their scheduled session they will be obligated to pay for their missed session.

Training Hours:


6:00 PM – Beginners
7:30 PM – Advanced

7:30 PM – All Levels

6:00 PM – Advanced
7:30 PM – Beginners

6:00 PM – All levels
7:30 PM – All levels including referee training

Saturday (except show days)
12:00 PM – Beginners
2:00 PM – Advanced


All classes must be scheduled in advance via text, email, or phone.

The Pure Pro Wrestling Development Center is located at Camp Justice in Goodrich Michigan (map link below):

5327 Washburn Rd.
Goodrich, MI 48438

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