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PPW takes pride in providing the premiere professional wrestling school in the state of Michigan. For over 15 years PPW has produced some of the finest grapplers in the Midwest. Although PPW’s program has been successful, it’s time for Camp Justice to level up! PPW has redesigned the curriculum in an effort to better serve our students and provide the best possible experience and education.

Level Up – 1 Step at a Time

Whether you’re in it to be the next WWE Champion or you’re just trying to have fun, exercise, combat stress, and socialize, PPW’s new 4 Level curriculum will help give you the tools needed to achieve your pro wrestling goals.

The curriculum will focus on the pillars of pro wrestling training such as Bumps & Rolls, Footwork, Rope work, Timing, Ring Positioning, Grappling, Pins, Striking, Takedowns, Takeovers, Slams, and Throws. Students will also learn match and character development, referee training, how to properly strengthen and condition the body, and the business of pro wrestling. PPW will also provide assistance with nutrition and work out plans.

Levels 1 & 2 will be the basics. Students will learn the fundamentals needed to establish a proper foundation. Level 3 will focus on advanced techniques while teaching how to build matches and create compelling stories w/ larger – than – life characters. Level 3 students cut their teeth and prepare themselves for live events on Friday Night Fights, PPW’s in house live broadcast every Friday night. Level 4 students learn to perform at a professional level, learn the business of pro wrestling, develop a resume, and perform on live

Beginners & Advanced Classes Are Being Offered

PPW is now offering an equal and adequate amount of time each week for both beginners and advanced students to have their own classes. PPW will also offer 2 mixed levels courses per week giving students a chance to work together and develop a bond.

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