For the past several months Alexis Royale & Heather Blue have been at each other’s throat. These two Lethal Ladies of Wrestling used to be close friends, now jealousy and hatred has fueled what is shaping up to be THE feud of 2022! Going into the match VFW Post 2144 Blue was riding a wave of success after scoring a victory over Royale at Golden Park in Columbus, Georgia. Blue was confident that she had Royale’s number, but her confidence soon turned to anguish as Royale put on a dominating performance using an array of power moves, strikes, and holds to keep Blue on the mat for most of the contest.

Although Blue took a disappointing loss, she lived up to her “Relentless” moniker after surviving multiple bursts of offense from Royale. Despite the tremendous amount of pain Blue was facing she still found a way to get back to her feet and take the fight to her opponent. The tables started to turn in the match, but Royale removed the turnbuckle pad and used it to help pick up the win. The Blue VS Royale saga continues as both young ladies meet in a main event NO HOLDS BARRED at Iceland Arenas in Flint, Michigan on June 25 of 2022.

Tickets for NO HOLDS BARRED are on sale now below:

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