Lethal Ladies of Wrestling Bout Ends in Count Out & Controversy

What started as a friendly competition between two friends and sparring partners turned devastatingly personal as Heather Blue & Alexis Royale’s match ended in a double count out. In the matches opening moments both wrestlers displayed some impressive offense, however Royale let her competitive spirit get the best of her and began an onslaught of vicious strikes and throws. After realizing that this was no longer a friendly competition, Heather Blue dug down deep and fought her way back from near defeat on multiple occasions.

When the match spilled outside of the ring to the floor the referee did everything in his power to get the Lethal Ladies back before the count reached 10, but that feat proved impossible as an all out brawl broke out. After signaling for the bell the ref realized that it was going to take more than him to pull Royale and Blue apart. A plethora of security and refs ran to ringside to separate them, but not before Heather Blue broke free and nailed one final forearm to the nose of Royale instantly breaking it in three places!

After weeks of pain and doctors visits, Alexis Royale has been cleared to compete. PPW’s Founder & Head Coach Xavier Justice signed a rematch between Blue & Royale, only this time there will be NO COUNT OUTS!

Fans can see the rematch between Alexis Royale & Heather Blue on Saturday, April 30th at Iceland Arenas in Flint. Tickets are on sale now get yours below:

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