“Somewhere between brilliance and complete chaos lies a tale of a man who’s eyes never lie, who’s drive never waivers; whose soul is on the line.” 

-An anonymous wrestling promoter

Over a year and a half ago the world stopped. Life as we knew it stopped. Our lives became an unknowable variable of an existence that felt like a bleak vacation somewhere just outside the Twilight Zone. For a promoter that’s produced year round pro wrestling events for nearly 20 years, the idea of taking a break was laughable at best. So when levees were built and the virus took control, PPW chose to put the kibosh on all live events. 

The dark clouds settled in and time kept dragging on. The walls we built were put to the test, but the levees held firm.  While the dust gathered on the mats, fans were left with empty arena TV wrestling, but what they craved more than anything was the undeniable rush of adrenaline and the sheer joy felt when seeing a Pure Pro Wrestling event live. Before we knew it a year and a half went by, people grew restless and the pressure built up putting the levees to the ultimate test.

After surviving the darkest versions of ourselves, the strife and strain of giving up the daily joys that we once took for granted, after losing loved ones, after enduring yet another gut wrenching political season, after witnessing a nation become divided…we find ourselves in need of a moment. A moment that is a mear spark, barely seen in the vastness of the cosmos, but a spark nonetheless. A spark that fuels a fire of unity. A time where we can set aside our petty differences and come together for a reason… any reason. 

On Saturday, June 26 2021 Pure Pro Wrestling became a spark. To the untrained eye it was a simple event that 300 people showed up to. But the fans and wrestlers who bore witness understood that this was no ordinary night. This was not an insignificant moment. It was a sellout, red hot, fired up, unified group of people who finally got a chance to go out, feel safe, and do something they love. It was also the moment the levees broke for a passionate group of 20 or so young men and women who finally got a chance to perform in front of a crowd again.   

Holland VFW, Summer of ‘21, an experience I’ll never forget. The reason why I’ll never take this business for granted again. If you were there, if you were part of the creation of that very spark, that intricate moment. The moment the levees broke for me; for us. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Joe Byrd, Xavier Justice

Founder & Head Coach

Pure Pro Wrestling

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