Wrestling fans, mark your calendars and get ready for a night of unparalleled action, as Pure Pro Wrestling triumphantly made its third appearance at “Battle in the Creek 3” on September 30, 2023, hosted by Blue Fox Productions, at the prestigious Kellogg Arena. Battle In The Creek is an evening that has redefined what professional wrestling can be, featuring an impressive lineup, electrifying matches, and a star-studded “Meet and Greet” session will leave fans starstruck.

This time we return even bigger!

A Star-Studded Extravaganza:

Pure Pro Wrestling is among an impressive array of wrestling talent, featuring both established legends and rising stars of the industry. The anticipation in the air will be palpable as fans awaited the explosive action that would unfold in the ring.

Meet and Greet with Wrestling Icons:

One of the highlights of “Battle in the Creek 3” will be the exclusive “Meet and Greet” session, where fans get the opportunity to get up close and personal with their favorite wrestling icons. The event featured an impressive lineup of pro wrestling stars, including:

  • Rob Van Dam: The “Whole F’n Show” himself, RVD, is in attendance, captivating fans with his signature charisma.
  • Dan Severn: A legendary figure in the world of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts.
  • Alex Hammerstone: The Major League Wrestling (MLW) National Openweight Champion brings his incredible athleticism and charisma to the event.
  • Brian Cage: Known for his powerhouse wrestling style, Brian Cage wows fans with his sheer strength and agility.
  • Silas Young: The “Last Real Man” of pro wrestling brings his no-nonsense attitude to the “Meet and Greet,” leaving fans both entertained and intrigued.
  • Pure Pro Wrestling’s Heroes and Villains: Fans will also have the chance to meet and interact with the heroes and villains of Pure Pro Wrestling.

Electrifying Matches:

“Battle in the Creek 2” delivered on its promise of intense and captivating matches that kept fans on the edge of their seats. From high-flying aerial assaults to technical showcases, every match was a testament to the incredible talent on display.

This year will be even bigger.

A Night to Remember:

As the final bell rang and the lights dimmed at the Kellogg Arena, “Battle in the Creek 2” concluded as a resounding success. Wrestling fans left with memories that would last a lifetime, having witnessed the best that professional wrestling has to offer.

Pure Pro Wrestling continues to redefine the wrestling landscape with its commitment to excellence, and “Battle in the Creek 3” will be a shining example of their dedication to delivering top-notch entertainment to their fans.

For those who attended, Battle in the Creek 2 was a night that will be talked about for years to come. And for those who missed it, there’s no doubt that the anticipation for the next Pure Pro Wrestling event is already building.

This year will be even bigger!

As the wrestling world continues to evolve, “Battle in the Creek 3” will showcase that Pure Pro Wrestling remains at the forefront, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of professional wrestling. Stay tuned for more from our dynamic and innovative organization, as we continue to deliver unforgettable wrestling experiences to fans around the world.

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