Holland VFW | Last Man Standing | 5.21.22 Recap & Other News

The Gauntlet for the Gold held in Holland, Michigan was a grueling match featuring 10 of the top athletes from Camp Justice, PPW’s training center located in Goodrich, MI. Wrestlers of all shapes, sizes, and ability levels entered the ring for an opportunity to win a chance to challenge for any PPW championship. Out of the 10 competitors in the match, it was Ray “Alpha” Adams who dominated the special attraction bout. Adams eliminated nearly every wrestler with an array of devastating Clotheslines, fans later nicknamed the Alphaline. That’s when “The Inspirational” Colin James showed up with a gameplan.

Although it was the debut of James, this was not the first time he had been in a ring. James was formerly The Great Nokken, a heavyweight who served as a face painted henchman for Derrick Draven’s Lighthouse. James started in PPW years ago as a teenager, became referee, and later a wrestler. Things changed for James when he met the infamous Derrick Draven who runs his Lighthouse cult from an “undisclosed location.”

It took a helping hand from Samson Real, former Michigan State Heavyweight Champion for James to snap out of the brainwashing Draven’s rhetoric caused. And for the first time, the real Colin James stepped into the ring to fight for something he desperately needed…a chance. A chance to reach his full potential.

When James entered the gauntlet, he had the advantage of entering last. He watched from the curtain as Alpha was decimating grown men with his souped up Lariat. James knew he had to figure out a weakness or he would be next. That’s when he noticed that Alpha’s arm was starting to show signs of abuse from hitting people so hard. Weakness found. The plan was on.

James entered the match with so much confidence he nearly seemed arrogant. This was his moment, this was his chance. With adrenaline coursing through his veins and purpose focusing his eyes, James went after a much larger Alpha. Within seconds James had Alpha’s arm targeted as he took him down to the mat and applied an armbar so vial that it dislocated Alpha’s elbow causing the ref to call for the bell almost immediately. Fans went silent as what just happened registered in their minds. The fans knew at that moment one simple thing about the young man standing before them. Colin James don’t play.

When given the opportunity to choose his champion, James did not hesitate to call out Michigan’s Cruiserweight Champion James Alexander. A man who held the title long before the Covid era. Alexander came to ringside, hurled some insults towards James, and told him “good luck.” James was unphased. Maybe the champ didn’t see James just snap a large man’s arm like a toothpick.

“The Inspirational” Colin James will have his big chance to challenge James Alexander for the Michigan State Cruiserweight Title on October 8 in Holland, MI. Get tickets below:

Ray “Alpha” Adams Stuns the Locker Room w/ Dominating Performance in PPW’s Gauntlet for the Gold

One look at Ray Adams lets you know that he’s not built like everybody else. Adams calls himself the “Alpha” for a reason, he dominates everywhere he goes. This blue chip student has been training at Camp Justice and is working hard preparing to embark on his journey into professional wrestling.

This past May in Holland, Adams got a chance to jump start his career by competing in a Gauntlet for the Gold allowing the winner to challenge for any championship of his choosing. Adams immediately set about dominating the field as he knocked out nearly every wrestler with one devastating Clothesline after the other. Later fans would go on to name his version of the Lariot the “Alphaline.”

Adams made it all the way to the finals, but he suffered a dislocated elbow after Colin James applied an arm bar. Adams has contacted PPW Online to inform us that his arm is “just fine” and he’ll be back to “Alphalining the souls out of everybody” on June 25 at Iceland Arenas in Flint, MI. Adams next match will be against the man who injured him Colin James.

Get tickets now, they will not last!

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