For over a decade, PPW’s Head Coach Xavier Justice & his staff has trained some of the finest professional wrestlers in the Midwest. David Weston has been training hard developing the vital skill sets needed to compete at a high level. His background in martial arts and music gave him a distinct advantage as an athlete and a performer, however his refusal to stay humble and the birth of his alter ego has quickly turned this once quiet and kind up-and-coming Future Contender into a wrestler that fans have grown to despise. Weston claims to be the next trend in social media as he films, photographs, and posts every minute of his daily life.

Weston’s opponent Dylan Derringer is also a product of Professor Xavier’s School for the Gifted. Derringer is a scrappy cruiserweight who earned himself the nickname “Hard to Kill” because his particular brand of offense involves using himself as a weapon. This kamikaze-like attack often has mixed results, however at Make Your Own Luck, Derringer’s win-or-die trying attitude was working famously until The Upper Echelon decided to stick their noses in the match allowing for Weston to score an Inverted DDT that resulted in a pinfall victory for the rookie Tik Toker.

As expected, Derringer is angry and he wants Jack Kelly and his merry band of misfits to pay. In an interview on Pure Pro Wrestling Podcast, AIWF Continental Champion “Nasty” Nick Xero revealed that for him it was less about helping David Weston and more about “making sure Derringer lost.” Nick Xero also added that the Upper Echlon’s Manager Jack Kelly and Michigan State Heavyweight Champion Dylan Night “saw potential” in young David Weston. It’s no secret that Derringer has come remarkably close to dethroning the champion on more than one occasion. Nick Xero has plenty of motivation to make sure Derringer stays low on the list of contenders for his AIWF Continental Champion.

On April 30th at Iceland Arenas in Flint Township, Michigan PPW will host The All County Wrestling Tournament. 4 teams lead by a handpicked Sensei will do battle in a one night only tournament. The Upper Echelon’s Manager Jack Kelly has been chosen to be a Sensei and he has chosen to add David Weston to his team to compete. After discovering Kelly’s intentions the plan has been made clear and yet again the evil mastermind succeeds in yet another nefarious plot. It has not been announced what team Dylan Derringer will join, however fans can expect Hard to Kill to show up in full force and he’ll be gunning for the Upper Echelon.

Catch the next chapter at Flint Iceland Arenas on Saturday, April 30th. Tickets are on sale below:

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