Season’s beatings from Pure Pro Wrestling! Mid Michigan wrestling fans, it’s time again to celebrate the holidays w/ your favorite heroes & villains of the squared circle! On Saturday, December 3 at 7PM, PPW presents “Christmas Clash” live from Iceland Arenas in Flint Township! Check out what’s in store for you and the family!

Kids Meet Santa for Free!

It doesn’t matter what ticket you buy, Sants will be in the house ready to meet your kiddos! Santa is making a special trip to Iceland Arenas to spread Christmas cheer! Feel free to snap a cell phone photo and don’t forget to ask Santa for a gift!

The Omen Vs Logan Link to Headline Junior Grapplers Pre Show Card

PPW’s Junior Grapplers is the only all kids pro wrestling division in America. Kids as young as 5 years of age practice and perform regularly under the safe guidance of PPW Head Coach & Assistant Coach Alexis Royale, a former Junior Grappler student. 

On Saturday, December 3 PPW will return to Flint Iceland Arenas to celebrate the holidays with “Christmas Clash.” Long before the main card starts at 7PM, the Junior Grapplers will be on full display w/ a special pre show card starting at 5:45PM. The Junior Grapplers will present 3 exhibition bouts headlined by The Omen vs “The Cobra” Logan Link. To make the match even more special, Link will be accompanied to the ring by the Geek Squad, a popular tag team composed of Mason Kellar & Percy Pointdexter!


Future Contenders – Student Showcase Bout: Sofia VS Khaos

On Saturday December 3 come celebrate the Holidays w/ PPW and the Lethal Ladies of Wrestling. Iceland Arenas in Flint Township will be rockin’ as Sofia goes 1-on-1 w/ Khaos in a Future Contenders bout during our pre show student showcase exhibitions. Our main card starts at 7PM, but rest assured that these Lethal Ladies will be getting the crowd good and warmed up by delivering a hard hitting, action packed bout that you do NOT want to miss! 


Future Contenders – Student Showcase Bout: The Amazing Zondo VS Alpha Adams

The Amazing Zondo and his tag team partner Tank have made major strides as PPW’s first autistic tag team. Now, with his partner Tank at ringside, Zondo will have the fight of his life as he steps into the ring w/ the 220 pound Flint native Alpha Adams. Although Zondo is a resilient competitor, nothing can prepare him for the raw power and athleticism that Adams brings to the table. Will Zondo be amazing enough to pull off the W or will ½ of the Puzzle Express be a victim of the Alpha line! Buy a ticket and check out this awesome PRE SHOW match now to find out!


 Tag Team Bout Announced for December 3rd’s Christmas Clash: Vinnie Davinci & Noah Radatz VS The Motor City Fliers 

PPW has recently learned that 20 year veteran and Canadian Superstar Vinnie Davinci has decided to take the teenage boy giant Noah Radatz under his wing and “make him into a star.” Radatz originally started in PPW’s Junior Grappler program, but his natural talent and size was enough for Head Coach Xavier Justice to move him into the adult training program. Now at 16 years of age, Radatz stands just a shade under 6’4 and weighs 250lbs! DaVinci is so impressed w/ the size and agility of Radatz that he’s decided to be his partner on December 3 and face The Motor City Fliers in an epic PRE SHOW bout at Iceland Arenas. 

Defeating the Motor City Fliers will be no easy feat. Kid EZ and the “Global Flier” Drake have been red hot as of late and they’re on a mission to become the best tag team in the state of Michigan. EZ, a Detroit native first met Drake while training at Camp Justice in Goodrich. Although Drake too is only 16, EZ saw “limitless potential” in Drake and the two made their team official this past Summer. Since forming the Motor City Fliers Kid EZ and Drake have become stars in the eyes of the fans everywhere they go.

Our main card at Christmas Clash starts at 7PM, so make sure you come early to catch the PPW student showcase bouts because you do NOT want to miss this banger of a Tag Team Match! 


Father Time VS El Luterano Scheduled for Opening Bout of December 3rd’s Christmas Clash at Flint Iceland Arenas

Tick tock! Tick tock! Tick Tock! What time is it? IT’S FATHER TIME! “Michigan’s Miracle Man” Mr. Father Time will be in action at Christmas Clash! This cancer & stroke survivor will be taking on the villain known as El Luterano. Although El Luterano is a large and ruthless luchador, Time is the only blind pro wrestler in the world today and El Luterano is just another obstacle in the way. Things have been heating up between these two grapplers for the past several weeks. Get your tickets now to see it all come to a head!


First Round Matchups Announced – Get Ready for the Lethal Ladies of Wrestling Tournament to Crown Michigan’s First Women’s Champion!

On December 3 at Flint Iceland Arenas, PPW will present the first round of the Lethal Ladies of Wrestling tournament to crown the first Michigan State Women’s Champion. Four deserving young ladies have earned the honor of competing for this groundbreaking title at Christmas Clash. Let’s take a look at our Round 1 Matchups!

Alexis Royale VS “Warrior Princess” Tenshi

Alexis Royale began her training in PPW’s Junior program at the age of 13. Through hard work and dedication she earned an opportunity to train in the adult classes and never looked back. Since the moment she started in the adult training program, Royale has worked each and every week to become stronger, faster, and more efficient in the ring.  She has all the tools needed for success. She’s got the size, power, agility, aggressiveness, and the intuition to put herself in a winning position each night she performs. 

Earlier this year, alongside her training mate Heather Blue, Royale became the first woman to headline a PPW event in the company’s 15+ year existence. Royale VS Blue made history and now “Her Royal Highness” hopes to make history yet again by defeating the veteran Tenshi in the first round of the Lethal Ladies of Wrestling Tournament

On Saturday, December 3 at Flint Iceland Arenas, at the tender age of 16, Alexis Royale will stand tall, confident, and proud to represent women everywhere in the most important thing to happen to women’s pro wrestling in this state possibly ever. 

Although Royale has confidence going into the big match, there’s no escaping the undeniable fact that she’s about to step in the ring w/ a certified Michigan legend, “Warrior Princess” Tenshi. For nearly 20 years Tenshi has set the standard for women in PPW. When Tenshi was first signed to PPW there was no women’s title to compete for, so Tenshi worked her way up the world independent ranks and captured the AIWF World Women’s Championship. A title she held for over a year! After her reign as world champion, she formed a tag team w/ Gideon Malice and began beating the top men in the company. 

On December 3 at Christmas Clash in Flint, Alexis Royale and Tenshi will once again go 1-on-1, only this time they will be competing for a chance to make history yet again. They’ll be competing for a chance to become the first Women’s Champion in the state of Michigan.

Heather Blue VS Hannah Henderson

Although she’s tiny, Hannah Henderson is MIGHTY. In the ring Hannah hits like a sack of bricks and never backs down from any fight. This young lady started her journey into pro wrestling as a teenager in the Junior Grappler program. Although fans and wrestlers have mixed feelings about the always defiant punk rocker, there is one undeniable truth about Hannah Henderson…she’s a TRAILBLAZER. Hannah is the FIRST woman to successfully break into the wrestling business from PPW’s training program. Hannah’s hard work and courage should be commended because getting into the world of pro wrestling is no easy feat! 

Hannah’s going to need to bring her A game to the first round of the Lethal Ladies of Wrestling tournament because she’s been paired against THE “Relentless” Heather Blue. Wrestling Heather Blue is like trying to pin a stick of dynamite. Blue attacks like a lightning bolt and has the unique ability that only few these days really have…the ability to take a beating and get back up.  “Bet on Blue” is more than a t-shirt slogan, it’s a statement to those who have ever betted against her. There’s no quit in Heather Blue. And you can bet on that.

If you’re a wrestling fan, a REAL wrestling fan, then you must understand that this bout will be a war. These incredibly talented young women want to become the first Women’s Champion in the great state of Michigan more than anyone has ever wanted anything in their life. They want to make history. And they want you to be at Flint Iceland Arenas on December 3rd to witness it.


The Rocket Man Set to Challenge Hard to Kill at Christmas Clash

Season’s beatings from PPW! Are you looking for a good ole fashioned BANGER to stuff in your stocking this Holiday season? Well then, you’ve come looking in the right place. MR. Hard to Kill himself, Dylan Darnit Derringer is still on the death march that he calls a Continental Title run and the Rocket Man is all systems go.

That’s right folks. Derringer VS Astro. Big Belt on the Line. Christmas Clash. December 3. Flint Iceland Arenas. You know what to do.


The Don Done Did Jay Dirty

Usually “The Don” Tone Leone makes sound business decisions on behalf of the “family” he represents. For months Leone and his partner Jay Leo were taking it to the bank night in and night out, but suddenly the checks started bouncing and the Made Men found themselves in a downward spiral of not so awesomeness known as a “losing streak.” Naturally tensions began to rise. The Don starts blaming Jay. Jay’s too busy with Sofia to see that The Don is ready to blow his top. Next thing you know, The Don and his enforcer Adam Drake start dissecting Jay Leo’s knee cap on a show labeled “family friendly.”

As one might imagine, Jay Leo might be looking to have a conversation with Tone Leone on December 3rd at Christmas Clash at Flint Iceland Arenas. Let’s just say a friend of a friend gave us a “tip” and you might want to show up to see what’s up. Capish? 


PPW Gives the Gift of Tables at Christmas Clash – Get Ready for a Fight

In the spirit of  giving, PPW is giving its fans the gift of TABLES this Holiday season! On Saturday, December 3 at Christmas Clash at Flint Iceland Arenas, our main event will be an 8 Man Tag Team Tables Match!

The monster known as Malice will team with Shaun Mortekai & The Nomads to face The Upper Echelon!


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