The Michigan State Cruiserweight Champion James Alexander is one of the most hated pro wrestlers in all of Pure Pro Wrestling, but like it or it, he is one of THE best. Alexander has proven himself to be the top wrestler under 210 pounds in the state of Michigan since back before the pandemic. Each time he defends his title he attacks his opponents with surgeon-like precision. Although he’s a champion, he’s not satisfied. He doesn’t want to only be known as the best Cruiserweight in the state of Michigan, he wants to be known as the best professional wrestler in all of Michigan.

To silence his critics, James approached PPW and asked to wrestle outside his weight class. He specifically asked to challenge a heavyweight to prove to the naysayers that he can beat any man in any weight class. PPW selected Danny Astro, a young man who came up through PPW’s farm system who earned himself the nickname “Rocketman” on account of his freakish athletic abilities and his affinity for all things outer space related. Astro has beaten some tough wrestlers in PPW and the independents. Many industry insiders consider him to be THE future of pro wrestling in the Midwest.

Going into the match Astro showed no fear stepping into the ring with Alexander who has 20+ years of high caliber experience under his belt. Astro wasn’t intimidated with the fact that James Alexander has wrestled for WWE & AEW multiple times in his career. Alexander’s ruthless mat technician reputation didn’t intimidate the Rocketman one little bit. Astro came out the gate with energy, but the experience of Alexander prevailed.

When the match started it didn’t take very long for Alexander to get Astro tied up in knots. Alexander first set to work attacking Astro’s shoulder. Astro was hurting, but he fought past it. After a burst of offense Astro went airborne, but landed awkwardly on his knee and appeared to be in a tremendous amount of pain. Like a shark smelling blood in the water, Alexander shifted his attack to the knee. With his shoulder already burning with pain, Astro tried to withstand the next onslaught, but the damage Alexander did to knee was simply too much to overcome in the end. Alexander made the proud Rocketman tap out in front of a capacity crowd in Holland, Michigan in an utterly masterful performance.

Post match medical evaluation confirmed that Astro has severely strained ligaments in both his shoulder and his knee and is expected to go through extensive therapy to be prepared for PPW’s Summer Tour. While Astro is on the mend, James Alexander will look ahead to more title defenses while putting fans and wrestlers on notice that he must be added to the list of top pro wrestlers from the state of Michigan.

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