Pure Pro Wrestling Unleashes Cinco de Mayo Extravaganza at The Vault in Saginaw, Michigan!

Event Details

Location Name: The Vault

Address: 110 Florence St., Saginaw, MI, 48602 US

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Brace yourselves, Saginaw! Pure Pro Wrestling is bringing a fiesta of flying bodies, thrilling championship bouts, and spicy grudge matches to The Vault on May 3, 2024. Get ready for a Cinco de Mayo weekend celebration like never before, complete with authentic Lucha Libre, women’s wrestling, the Junior Grapplers, and a party atmosphere with mouthwatering Mexican food and drink specials.

Authentic Lucha Libre Main Event:

In the heart of Saginaw, witness the spectacle of authentic Lucha Libre as masked marvels take center stage in a high-flying main event. Pure Pro Wrestling brings the spirit of Mexican wrestling culture to The Vault, promising an adrenaline-fueled experience that will leave fans on the edge of their seats.

Championship Bouts: Glory and Gold on the Line:

The Vault will be the battleground for championship glory as Pure Pro Wrestling showcases gripping title matches. The stakes are high, and the competition is fierce as the best in the business vie for championship belts, leaving it all in the ring for the adoring Saginaw fans.

Women’s Wrestling: Empowerment and Intensity:

Empowerment meets intensity as women wrestlers step into the spotlight. Pure Pro Wrestling celebrates the athleticism and resilience of its female competitors, delivering hard-hitting action and electrifying performances that prove women’s wrestling is an integral part of the sport.

Grudge Matches: Settling Scores in Saginaw:

Feuds will be ignited, and scores will be settled in intense grudge matches. Watch as longstanding rivalries come to a head, promising drama, suspense, and a showcase of the raw emotion that defines professional wrestling at its finest.

Junior Grapplers: Stars in the Making:

The Junior Grapplers, Pure Pro Wrestling’s young prodigies, will steal the hearts of Saginaw’s wrestling fans. These budding stars-in-the-making will demonstrate their skills, offering a glimpse into the future of the sport.

Cinco de Mayo Weekend Themed Party:

The celebration doesn’t end in the ring! The Vault transforms into a Cinco de Mayo haven with a themed party featuring delicious Mexican food and drink specials. Immerse yourself in the festivities as you enjoy the thrilling action and the vibrant atmosphere of this special weekend.

Get Your Tickets Now!

Don’t miss the wrestling spectacle of the season! Tickets for Pure Pro Wrestling’s event at The Vault on May 3, 2024, are available now. Secure your spot for a Cinco de Mayo weekend celebration that fuses the excitement of professional wrestling with the spirit of Mexican culture.

Pure Pro Wrestling: Where Every Event is an Experience:

For over 15 years, Pure Pro Wrestling has been delivering top-tier, family-friendly live pro wrestling. The event at The Vault promises to be a unique fusion of sports entertainment, cultural celebration, and a party atmosphere.

Schedule of Events

6:00 PM: Doors Open – Come early to pick your seat & enjoy the free Meet & Greet w/ the Heroes & Villains of Pure Pro Wrestling

6:15 PM: Future Contender’s Bouts – PPW’s student showcase pre show event featuring a handful matches from our adult & junior program

7:30 PM: Bell Time – Let’s Lucha!