And STILL Your Heavyweight Champion: Dylan Night Steals a Win Over Aaron Orion in Holland

October 2021 – It was a big fight atmosphere all night long in Holland, Michigan when Aaron Orion challenged Dylan Night for the Michigan State Heavyweight Championship. Night, in his first title defense since the dethroning of Samson Real, was full of confidence and bravado as he stepped between the ropes. The challenger, leader of the Death Threat Army Aaron Orion knew he would be outmanned because a fight with Night meant a fight against the entire Upper Echelon. Orion knew he was flying solo, he didn’t have his DTA soldiers there to back him up. This mission was going to be on him and him alone.

The US Army Veteran Aaron Orion came out the gate with guns blazing. He took control of the match early on and played the long game as he tried to tire Night out w/ a series of holds and takedowns. Once Night had enough grappling his right hand started flying and before you knew it Orion was knotted up and bleeding…Orion went down, but he didn’t qui. In fact, he fought back with ferocity and nearly scored a pinfall a number of times, but in the end it was a simple game of numbers and a perfectly implemented plan by Manager of Champions Jack Kelly. The mighty Aaron Orion was defeated and Dylan Night is STILL the Michigan State Heavyweight Champion.

Orion took the loss and one heck of a butt whooping. To make matters worse, Samson Real tried to come to the aid of Orion and fend off the Upper Echelon, but he accidently laid out Orion instead! In what was a moment of sheer irony, Real stood over Orion in shock of what he had done. Surely he had remembered that just one week prior to that, the same situation happened; only it was Orion who accidentally laid out Samson and played a major part in costing him the title. Both men want nothing more than to put the Michigan’s Heavyweight Title around their waist. The only problem is both men seem to be standing in the way of one another.

While Samson Real & Aaron Orion will have an opportunity to work out their differences when they face each other on November 27 in New Baltimore, Night looks on to his next challenger. A man he knows all too well. His own tag team partner Mr. One Night Only. It seems The Upper Echelon’s Manager Jack Kelly promised Mr. One Night Only a heavyweight title shot at his birthday. He was promised this way before Dylan Night won the title, but nevertheless, two friends, two co-champions will have to wrestle for the most prestigious championship in the state of Michigan on November 27 at the Diesel Concert Lounge in New Baltimore.

Tickets are on sale now at

The Lighthouse Scores an Upset Victory Over the Warrior’s Way

When the Lighthouse entered the Holland VFW this past October, they were a clear underdog going into a tag team match against the veterans Gideon Malice & Tenshi. Both members of the Warriors Way are former champions who have beaten some of the best talent in all of professional wrestling. So when rookies Derrick Draven & Adam Drake were given the tall task of defeating the veteran team, not a fan in the building thought they had a chance.

What fans didn’t know was that Malice & Tenshi wrestled that match injured. Just one week prior to facing The Lighthouse, Tenshi and Malice were laid to waste by the Upper Echelon after Malice nearly defeated Nick Xero for the Continental Championship. Being the pros that they are, Warriors Way didn’t show any signs of damage, but Draven and Drake knew and like sharks smelling blood in the water…they attacked.

In a stroke of brilliance mixed with brutality, the Lighthouse singled out Malice’s injured shoulder and Draven applied a vicious armbar that caused Malice to pass out from the pain. As the ref called for the bell, the faithful Holland fans were distraught. As for the Lighthouse, they proved to the fans and the other tag teams in PPW that they are for real and that we should expect them in the hunt for the Michigan State Tag Team Titles. The Warrior’s Way gets another shot at the Lighthouse on Saturday, November 27 at the Diesel Concert Lounge. By then they will be 100% healthy and when the Lighthouse meets them in the ring everyone in the state will know whether or not the Lighthouse is as good as they say they are. Get your tickets now at

The Rocketman Defeats The Gold Rush in Holland

PPW’s rookie sensation “The Rocketman” Danny Astro scored a huge victory over the cocky powerhouse “The Gold Rush” Solomon Stone in Holland this past October. Stone, fighting in his hometown, thought the match was going to be a cakewalk, but much to his surprise Astro’s attacks were out of this world! After a furious flurry of devastating offensive combinations Astro found the advantage and nailed Stone with a move so brutal that the next solar system felt the impact. After the pinfall Astro signed autographs and took photos with his new fans. Astro is clearly on his way up in PPW. You can see the Rocketman in action on November 27 at the Diesel Concert Lounge in New Baltimore as he challenges “Nasty” Nick Xero for the AIWF Continental Title.

Meanwhile, for Solomon Stone another fight ends in disappointment. Stone is 0-4 in Holland with losses against Gideon Malice, Jeff King, Hannah Henderson, and now Danny Astro. Stone will return to PPW again on December 11th back at the Holland VFW. Stone desperately needs a victory or he’ll be 0-5 in his hometown. After the match Stone was quoted as saying that he “needs this win on December 11th.” He also stated that he will “not be an embarrassment like the Detroit Lions.” Stone claims that he’ll “actually get a win this season.”

To see Danny Astro in New Baltimore & Solomon Stone in Holland get tickets now at

James Alexander Barely Escapes Holland w/ Cruiserweight Title in Hand

This past October the Michigan State Cruiserweight Champion “Perfection Personified” James Alexander defended his crown in a triple threat match against “Hard to Kill” Dylan Derringer and ½ of the Michigan State Tag Team Champs, Mr. One Night Only. Fans were treated to an explosive contest of back and forth offense, innovative attacks, and a splash of comedy. Although the fans may have been amused by the troubles of the champion, Alexander found his circumstances to be no laughing matter. He had to fight the relentless attack of Dylan Derringer while escaping the ultimate opportunist Mr. One Night Only. Alexander nearly lost his title a number of times, however in the end he was able to take advantage of an opportunity and score the win. After the match, Mascarita Davina challenged Alexander for the title. The amazing luchador will face Alexander on November 27 at the Diesel Concert Lounge in New Baltimore, MI. Going into the match, Alexander will be riding a wave of confidence after defeating two men. However, Davina has been on a roll lately, especially after defeating international star Drago. Get your tickets to see Alexander VS Davina at

Mascarita Davina Pins Drago in a Lucha Libre Espectacular

Forget “match of the year”. Let’s talk “match of the decade.” Going into the match fans knew that Drago VS Mascarita Davina was going full of action, but nothing could have prepared them for the 5 star lucha libre clinic that they put on in front of a red hot West Michigan crowd. Drago and Davina fought for nearly 20 minutes straight. They were fast and furious and at times, too close to call. The innovation, athleticism, and ability displayed was nothing short of incredible. At first the luchadors went back and forth trying to gain an advantage. Then Drago showed how vicious he could be after delivering one devastating move after another. Late in the match fans began to doubt Davina’s ability to stay in the fight, but low and behold he found a burst of adrenaline and found a way to come back. At the end both wrestlers exchanged a number of near falls, but in the end it was a flipping piledriver that took Drago out. After the match the crowd gave the luchadors a standing ovation. A ticket to see Drago VS Mascarita was clearly worth every penny and some. Fans were fortunate to witness a 5 star international match in the friendly confines of the VFW in Holland. It was truly a special match to witness and moment to feel when the crowd reacted to the final bell.

PPW takes pride in producing high quality family friendly pro wrestling. The next event in Holland will be on December 11th. Get your tickets now at

The Big Nasty Robs Real in Holland

“Nasty” Nick Xero or as his pals in the Upper Echelon like to call him “The Big Nasty,” is still the AIWF Continental Champion, but not without controversy. Xero went 1-on-1 with Samson Real who one week prior to the match had his reign as Michigan’s Heavyweight Champion ended by the Upper Echelon. Going into the match Xero knew that Real would be angry and on the warpath, which is why Xero had a backup plan if he was not able to thwart the attack. That backup plan came in the form of Jack Kelly and his clients in the Upper Echelon. Samso was rockin’ and rollin’ and was clearly poised to take the win when the Upper Echelon hit the ring and ended the match with a disqualification. Real won, but he didn’t win the title because when there’s a DQ the title can’t change hands. That means not only is Real still a top contender for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title, he’s also got a stake in the Continental Title as well!

Moving forward, Xero goes on to the Diesel Concert Lounge on November 27 to defend against the next in line “Rocketman” Danny Astro. Meanwhile Samson Real has some unfinished business with Aaron Orion on the same night. Following that event, PPW will return to Flint Iceland Arenas on December 4th. Real will get his rematch against the leader of the Upper Echelon, Dylan Night for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title. Xero and his Upper Echlon pals are banned from the building that night. Love him or hate him, “Nasty” Nick Xero is still the Continental Champion, but rest assured knowing that the “Real Deal” is hot on his heels!

To get tickets to see The Big Nasty and Samson Real visit

The Open Road Open Challenge Nearly Backfires on the Nomads

This past October in Holland, the Nomads, PPWs most decorated brand in history hosted the Open Road Open Challenge to any 3 wrestlers who wanted to step up and see if they had what it takes to top the Nomads. Fans in Holland expected some of the usual PPW stars or even a special surprise, however instead three of PPW’s students showed up with a bone to pick. They claimed that the Nomads were bullies in the locker room and treated them poorly at practice. This was a shot for The Amazing Zondo, Kid Eazy, & Alexis Royale to get even. The students didn’t waste any time taking the fight to the Nomads. Zondo was full of energy, Kid Eazy’s athleticism was on full display, and the heart of Royale could be seen from across the city, but in the end it wasn’t enough to top the Nomads. Although the students didn’t win the match, perhaps they sent a message to the Nomads that students matter and they won’t back down from anyone.

CJ Anderson Returns to Wreck the Nomads

This past October in Holland, the Nomads were celebrating a big win when the unthinkable happened. “The Enforcer” CJ Anderson came barreling down to the ring and flat out destroyed Ace Evans, Road Rash, and even Hannah Henderson. Fans haven’t seen Anderson since he was kicked out the group 2 years ago. It appears that Anderson is back with a vengeance and he is on a mission to Destroy the Nomads. When asked to comment on Anderson’s post match attack, Road Rash threw a hammer at our reporter and growled loudly. One can only surmise that The Nomads are not happy that their past is coming back to haunt them. With Anderson by their side, the Nomads enjoyed their most rewarding period in PPW history. While Anderson was in the group Ace Evans became Michigan State Heavyweight Champion and the team shared multiple Tag Team Title runs. No one really knows why Anderson and The Nomads had such a huge falling out, but one thing is for certain, more information will come to light on December 11th in Holland as “The Enforcer” CJ Anderson confronts the Nomads in the middle of the ring. Get your tickets to see PPW’s huge Holland return at

Jr. Grapplers Turn It Up in Holland

PPW takes pride in featuring the only all kids wrestling division in America. The kids in the Junior Grapplers are a special group of young men and women who work hard every week learning to wrestle while building their confidence and engaging in physical fitness. This past October in Holland, Juniors Ryott & The 24 Karat Kid teamed up against Tank & Revved Up Raleigh in a tag team match. At first the crowd didn’t know how to react to kids wrestling. But their skepticism quickly faded as they watched the 4 young men put on a match that was just as good or better than many of the adult matches featured on the card. The crowd was chanting “Tank! Tank! Tank!” when he and Revved Up got the win.

You can catch the Junior Grapplers at upcoming events in a ring near you. If you want your kids to join the Junior Grapplers simply sign up at

King Naba Picks Up a Win in Future Contender Bout

Future Contenders, or PPW’s student division is composed of up-and-coming athletes who are currently training at PPW’s Development Center. These students are hard working and determined to learn the craft while making a name for themselves in PPW. In the Student Showcase portion of the event in Holland this past October, PPW West Michigan fans got to see their first glimpse of King Naba as he took on “Mr. Duality” William Bryce. Both wrestlers were clearly nervous at the beginning, but it didn’t take long for Naba to find his stride and start taking the fight to Bryce. The sinister Bryce took advantage of a Naba mistake and nearly won the match, but in the end it was an explosive takedown that allowed Naba to keep Bryce down for the count. Both students made good on a great opportunity to showcase their skills in a big fight atmosphere.

A wise man once said, “the only gamble that is worth the risk is a bet on yourself.” And that’s exactly what William Bryce and King Naba did when they signed up to train at Pure Pro Wrestling. They had the dream to step into that ring and perform in front of great fans. They took the leap of faith and showed up. They work hard each week and improve daily. If you have that same dream and you want to sign up to join the incredible world of professional wrestling then visit

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