Malice & Tenshi Injured After DQ in Continental Title Match w/ Xero

This past October at Flint Iceland Arenas, Gideon Malice was well on his way to becoming the AIWF Continental Champion when Nick Xero & his pals at the Upper Echelon decided to get involved. Despite his best efforts of both Tenshi and Malice to fight Mr. One Night Only, Dylan Night, Jack Kelly, and Nick Xero off, The Warriors Way couldn’t stop the onslaught. When the dust settled Malice and Tenshi were left beaten, battered, injured. The Upper Echelon targeted Tenshi’s rib cage and went after the surgically repaired shoulder of Malice. The faction went to work in making sure that the Warrior’s Way stayed down for good.

DTA’s Adam Wick & Aaron Orion Win a Closely Contested Tag Team Match Against The Nomads

Flint Iceland Arenas was on fire as Death Threat Army took to the ring against The Nomads. It had been a few years since two of the best teams in the Midwest locked horns. The anticipation for this match was high going in and it did not disappoint. Going into the match analysts were surprised to see that the Nomads were not trying to brawl and cheat their way to victory. Instead they were attempting to out wrestle Wick and Orion. The Nomads scored some early offense that utilized fast paced strikes in combinations and sequences. Many of the moves looked very reminiscent of DTA’s style of offense. The Nomads clearly wanted to send a message. DTA heard that message loud and clear and answered with some heavy artillery of their own. When the fight neared the end both teams were fighting with every ounce of energy they had left. After a Nomad mishap led to a DTA assisted flipping Piledriver on Ace Evans, the Nomads took the loss. The match could have easily gone the other way which makes fans believe that they have not yet seen the last of these two teams mixing it up in the squared circle.

Dylan Derringer Caught Up in Astro’s Lighthouse Drama

Danny Astro and Adam Drake train together, become friends, and form a tag team. The creepy cult leader Derrick Draven shows up and convinces Drake to betray Astro. Drake and Draven beat Astro stupid. Astro finally gets a chance for revenge…only he’s fighting a different kind of evil. Classic right? The ever evolving story of the Summer has bled into the fall and before long may just carry over into winter, only now it is dragging other wrestlers along for the ride.

This past October at Flint Iceland Arenas, Danny Astro got the opportunity of a lifetime, a rare chance to take down a man that used to be his friend, but betrayed him and left him in a pile in the ring. How many of us only fantasized about a scenario like that? We’ve all been wronged by someone, but we rarely get a chance to make it right. Astro had that chance.

When Astro stepped into the ring with his former friend and tag team partner Adam Drake, emotions were high and rightfully so. These guys broke into the business together. They trained and traveled together. They started the journey into PPW together. What Drake did would be hard to forgive and even harder to forget. As expected, Astro came out with guns blazing. Drake held his own, but everyone in the arena that knew that a Mack truck couldn’t have stopped Astro that night. Astro would not be denied.

After the pinfall you would have thought that Astro felt better, but he didn’t. He couldn’t feel relief because deep down he knew that he had just been played by the maniacal madman Derrick Drake. Astro knew that Drake wanted to push Astro to the edge for the sheer enjoyment of watching him unleash on his “vessel” Adam Drake.

Sounds crazy right? Well it is! You should see it in person. These Lighthouse guys are whack jobs. And where does Dylan Derringer fit in? Well he doesn’t, but nevertheless he’s now involved.

The same night all of this went down with Astro, “Hard to Kill” Dylan Derringer was scheduled to face Derrick Draven. The two beat the daylights out of each other, Derringer picked up the win, but Draven wasn’t going to let it end there. Astro recognized the danger Derringer was in and decided to intervene. Things got crazy for a few seconds and then PPW’s ref team and security staff broke up the fight.

After the fight was broken up PPW’s Founder & Head Coach Xavier Justice put a tag team match together for the next show at Flint Iceland Arenas on Saturday, December 4th. Derringer and Astro will join forces to take on The Lighthouse. Will the Lighthouse continue to spread its rhetoric or will Derringer & Astro send them to space? Tickets are on sale for this event at

The Overtaker Returns to Dominate the Junior Grapplers

In what’s being called one of the most shocking returns in pro wrestling history, Junior Grappler great The Overtaker unexpectedly returned to the ring at Flint Iceland Arenas this past October. This tweenage phenomenon once ruled the Junior ranks and then suddenly disappeared. During the Junior Grappler Gauntlet match Nick Nitro thought he had the match in the bag, but much to his surprise the Overtaker made his way into the ring and hit a flying clothesline the likes of which the pro wrestling world has never seen.

Nitro went crashing to the floor and the Overtaker was declared the victor! When will the kinda deadman return next? Buy your tickets to PPW’s upcoming events at to find out!

Students Kid Eazy & David Weston Shine in Future Contender Bout

Pure Pro Wrestling takes pride in training the best and brightest up – and – coming professional wrestlers. Over the past 15 years PPW has produced talent that have gone on to have successful careers in wrestling. This past October at Flint Iceland Arenas, PPW trainees Kid Eazy and David Weston went 1V1 in a singles match. This was their huge opportunity to make an impact in front of a live audience and in front of their peers. Although Kid Eazy put up a great fight and displayed some highly athletic and impressive maneuvers, Weston ended up picking up the win after a rookie mistake. After a hard fought contest the fans showed their appreciation the best way they know how…by booing David Weston! You can see both of these bright young wrestlers at upcoming events in New Baltimore & Flint. Get your tickets now at

Alexis Royale Wins a Battle Royal on Her Birthday

Most teenage girls spend their sweet 16 birthday at a traditional party, but not Alexis Royale. She’s no ordinary teenager. Alexis Royale is a teenage wrestling sensation who decided to spend her sweet 16th birthday kicking butt in a Battle Royale! For nearly 3 years this young lady has been training hard to make her dreams come true. She joined PPW as a Junior Grappler, but has proven that she has the tenacity to compete with adults twice her age. Instead of spending the night w/ family at a party, Alexis spent the night with her family watching her win a Future Contenders Battle Royal that will give her the right to face a PPW veteran on the main card at our next show at Flint Iceland Arenas on December 4th. Alexis survived several other hungry wrestlers who were out to make a name for themselves. This win is a huge feather in her cap and if she can somehow manage to defeat a PPW veteran in December then the sky is the limit for her. Get your tickets to see Alexis Royale at

Fans Floored as Samson Real Loses Michigan State Heavyweight Title

The October event at Flint Iceland Arenas was full of action, drama, and suspense. Fans in attendance had a great time all night long, that was until the end of the main event when they witnessed The Upper Echelon commit highway robbery and help to crown Dylan Night as the new Michigan State Heavyweight Champion. The event was supposed to be a homecoming celebration for Samson Real as he returned to the PPW ring for the first time in nearly 2 years. Instead the night ended in disaster!

In 2019 Samson Real captured the Michigan State Heavyweight Title from a red hot Aaron Orion who was fresh off of ending Gideon Malice’s 2 year record breaking reign as champion. Real went on to defend the championship against the biggest and baddest wrestlers in the state of Michigan. Then Covid hit and Real’s reign was locked down for nearly 2 years. After having the makings of what could have been a record breaking title run, Real lost the title in the most heinous of fashion.

It took the efforts of the Upper Echelon Jack Kelly, Mr. One Night Only, and Nick Xero to ensure that Dylan Night would pin Samson Real. Aaron Orion tried to hit ringside and tried to help Samson, but wound up nailing him with a chair instead. Dylan Night saw his opportunity to capitalize. When the final bell rang, Samson was devastated, kids across the arena were in tears, and every fan in the building showered the new champion Dylan Night with a chorus of boos that could be heard on all sides of Flint.

On Saturday, December 4th at Flint Iceland Arenas, Samson Real will have his rematch against Dylan Night. And to make sure that the Upper Echelon won’t interfere, they have been banned from the building. PPW wants to make this fight fair and PPW wants YOU to see it.

Visit to get your tickets for PPW presents COLD BLOODED at Flint Iceland Areas on December 4th!

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