Junior Grappler Studio Show | Saturday, November 26

The Junior Grapplers will be hosting a small show at Camp Justice on Saturday, November 26. Rehearsal begins at 10AM. Shooting begins at 10:45AM. Instead of students having normal class, they will have an opportunity to perform while being recorded and photographed! The Junior show will be released on Youtube after it’s edited. PPW is seeking experienced students and/or performers who wish to assist in putting the shoot together. If you’re interested, contact Coach XJ ASAP. Parents of Juniors who wish to participate should sign up w/ Coach XJ at practice prior to the event. Seating is limited, if your party exceeds 4 people please let Coach know. Fee is standard $20.

Studio Tapings | Saturday, November 26

Attention Students! Don’t miss an opportunity to book your own match and have it professionally filmed, photographed, and edited by Life in Contrast Media! This is the perfect opportunity for wrestlers who need to develop a resume, create merchandise, create content for social media, and have media ready to sell! The total fee is only $30 per match; A DEAL considering how much these services cost if booking on your own. Coaches will be on hand to help get the most out of your time in the ring. Students will also have an upgrade option to have an additional 60 second “sizzle reel” created for an additional $50 paid directly to Life in Contrast Media. Once editing is completed students will be provided a Google Drive link to their recorded match, sizzle reel, and photography.

There will be two separate two hour tapings with only six spots available per session. The first 45 minutes is for rehearsal, the remaining one hour and fifteen minutes is for recording. Participants will have exactly 10 min of recording time curtain to curtain. Standard resume matches should be 3 to 6 minutes and no longer than 7. You may find partner(s) and schedule together or you can schedule to be booked solo in which case you’ll be paired by a Coach.

Taping 1 – 12:00 PM – Singles Bouts – Only 6 Spots Available
Taping 2 – 2:00 PM – Tag Team Wrestling – Only 6 Spots Available, Multi person Tags may be booked

*Male VS Female matches ARE allowed



Attention all women students & performers of PPW! We’re getting all of our “Lethal Ladies” together for an informational meeting regarding some major announcement.

Required Seminar: Pro Wrestling Etiquette | Monday, November 28th @ 7PM

Although etiquette isn’t the most exciting subject for a seminar, it is one of the most important seminars a student can take. All the talent in the world cannot save you if you do not understand proper pro wrestling etiquette. Your reputation, career, and relationships can be made or broken long before you even step foot in the ring. Join Coach XJ in a 1 hour VIRTUAL SEMINAR. The total fee is only $10 and is a requirement of the PPW curriculum. Students who cannot attend may access this seminar at their leisure. A short quiz will be given at the end of the seminar. Answers must be emailed to pure_pro_wrestling@yahoo.com | Subject: Etiquette Quiz. Be sure to include your name as Coach may not recognize emails. What you learn in this seminar will apply to your time in PPW & beyond.

New Curriculum Rollout Scheduled for January 1

PPW’s Coaching Staff is proud to implement a new curriculum designed to enhance the education of every student in PPW’s training program. This comprehensive program has a four tier system that clearly defines the techniques and expectations a student should be on the path to becoming a professional wrestler. By the time our students complete all four tiers, they’ll be “show ready” with real experience and a resume in hand. If our students should choose to chase a career, they will be ready to tackle the professional world w/ confidence and a true understanding of the business. This new curriculum puts a focus on the following fundamental areas: Bumps & Rolls, Ropework, Ring Positioning, Timing & Footwork, Grappling, Pins, Striking, Takedowns, Takeovers, Slams, & Throws, Match & Character Development, Referee Training, Body: Conditioning, Cardio, Physique, & Business Development. The curriculum will also boast several mandatory seminars that are essential for development.

Friday Night Fights

Welcome to the brand new revisioning of Friday Night Fights! Starting in January, Friday sessions will be transformed to a show like atmosphere and YouTube Recording complete with constructive constructive criticism and character building advice from Coaches Road Rash & Mr. One Night Only. The purpose of these Friday nights is to get Level 3 & 4 Students ready to perform on live events in front of a real crowd. Level 1 & 2 Students may attend as spectators, but may not participate in matches.

Event Spots Being Cut for Time

Before the explosion of our school, PPW rarely had cards that lasted more than 90 minutes. Some of our events are now 3 to 4 hours long. Upcoming events will have a new formatting w/ a limited number of Junior & Adult Student spots available on the card. With that being said, PPW Coaches expect HEALTHY competition for these spots. These limited spots will be awarded to students who meet show standard, who attend classes a minimum of twice a week, who exhibit a good attitude and strong work ethic and who take the craft seriously. These spots will be earned with consistent hard work, not kissing butt or doing favors. Coaches from every class will be reporting student conduct and performance evaluations to Coach XJ weekly. Only our hardest working and consistent students will earn these spots.

November Training Schedule

November – December Event Schedule

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