The Indie Darlings Debut with A Win Over Apollo Prime

In an electrifying debut match at Pure Pro Wrestling’s event held at the Historic Masonic Temple in Bay City, MI, on February 10, the Indie Darling’s Roger made waves by clinching a victory against fan favorite Apollo Prime, who was also making his PPW debut. 

The match took a dramatic turn when Roger’s twin brother, Shaun, appeared at ringside, injecting a controversial twist into the proceedings. Shaun, cunningly taking advantage of their near identical appearance, engaged in underhanded tactics by substituting himself for Roger during a crucial moment in the match. The referee, unable to discern between the twins, fell victim to the switcheroo, inadvertently aiding Roger’s deceptive strategy.

The audience watched in disbelief as Shaun, masquerading as his brother, assisted Roger in securing the victory through questionable means. The cunning maneuver not only showcased the twins’ conniving teamwork but also underscored the unpredictable nature of professional wrestling.

Despite Apollo Prime’s valiant efforts and unwavering fan support, he found himself on the losing end of the match due to the shrewd tactics employed by Roger and Shaun. The outcome left spectators buzzing with speculation and anticipation for what lies ahead in the dynamic world of Pure Pro Wrestling.

Roger’s debut triumph, tainted by controversy, marks a significant milestone in his burgeoning career, while simultaneously raising questions about the integrity of competition within the indie wrestling scene. As the dust settles from this unforgettable showdown, one thing remains certain: the impact of Roger’s victory reverberates throughout the wrestling community, setting the stage for future rivalries and dramatic confrontations.

The Midwest Misfits Make a Statement & Snatch a W over Wilder & Bahama in Bay City

In a thrilling showdown at Pure Pro Wrestling’s recent event on February 10th in Bay City, MI, the Midwest Misfits, comprised of Ramirez and Malvado, unleashed anarchy at ringside as they took a dub over the despised duo of Jake Wilder and Brett Bahama in a gripping tag team match.

The clash between these contrasting teams wasn’t just about athleticism; it was a clash of attitudes and styles. The Midwest Misfits, embodying a rebellious spirit, brought a fresh wave of new wave punk rock energy to the ring. Refusing to conform to conventional norms, they marched to the beat of their own drum, epitomizing a raw, unapologetic approach to wrestling. 

On the flip side, Jake Wilder and Brett Bahama earned the ire of the Bay City crowd with their reprehensible attitudes. Their arrogance towards the audience only fueled the fervor of disdain against them.

When the bell rang, the intensity was palpable as the two teams collided in a high-octane battle. The Midwest Misfits, fueled by their passion for nonconformity, matched Wilder and Bahama move for move, refusing to play party to Wilder & Bahama’s games.

As the match reached its climax, it was the Midwest Misfits who emerged victorious, much to the delight of the Bay City crowd. Their win wasn’t just about securing a victory; it was a statement—a declaration of defiance against the status quo. By overcoming Wilder and Bahama, the Misfits sent a clear message to the rest of the PPW Tag Team Division: they were a force to be reckoned with.

In a sport often dictated by trends and traditions, the Midwest Misfits stood out as beacons of individuality and rebellion. Their triumph on February 10th not only solidified their place within Pure Pro Wrestling but also ignited a spark of rebellion in the hearts of the near capacity crowd in Bay City. As they continue to carve their path of anarchy, one thing remains certain: the Midwest Misfits are here to shake up the establishment and leave their mark on the PPW Tag Team Division.

Vaughn Harvey Defeats ½ of Michigan’s Tag Team Champions Dave Weston & Joins Obsidian

Vaughn Harvey, a towering 6’3″ 240+ pound powerhouse, made waves in the PPW with his recent victory over Dave “GQ” Weston, one-half of the Michigan State Tag Team Champions. The showdown took place at Pure Pro Wrestling’s event on February 10th at the Historic Masonic Temple in Bay City, MI, and Harvey’s dominant performance left fans in awe.

Both athletes are prize pupils of Camp Justice, Pure Pro Wrestling’s training center in Goodrich, MI. Despite Weston’s renowned speed and expertise in martial arts, he found himself unable to withstand the sheer force of Harvey’s raw power. The match showcased Harvey’s imposing physique and relentless determination as he squared off against one of the region’s top talents. 

At one critical juncture, Weston appeared to be gaining momentum, threatening to turn the tide in his favor. However, the dynamics shifted unexpectedly when Obsidian, a formidable collective of extraordinary African American athletes, made their presence known at ringside. With a small distraction orchestrated by Obsidian, Harvey seized the opportunity and capitalized on Weston’s vulnerability, securing the pinfall victory to the astonishment of the audience.

Harvey’s triumph didn’t end with his victory in the ring. In a surprising turn of events, he made a pivotal decision to join forces with Obsidian, aligning himself with fellow members including the group’s leader, Ray “Alpha” Adams, 24K, “Global Flyer” Drake, Prince Abdul Hakim, and Khaos. This union not only solidified Harvey’s allegiance to the collective but also provided Obsidian with an unprecedented boost in muscle and dominance within the wrestling landscape.

With Harvey’s addition to the ranks, Obsidian emerges as an even more formidable force to be reckoned with, raising questions about who will dare to challenge their supremacy. As they stand united, wielding their collective strength and determination, the wrestling world braces itself for the unstoppable force that is Obsidian.

Pure Pro Wrestling Helps Raise Funds for the Historic Masonic Temple in Bay City

Pure Pro Wrestling (PPW) has forged a dynamic partnership with the Historic Masonic Temple in Downtown Bay City, aiming to preserve and restore this iconic landmark while entertaining the masses with adrenaline-pumping wrestling action. Spearheaded by Kelley Kent, the Temple’s Executive Director, and Pure Pro Wrestling’s Owner & Head Coach Joe Byrd, this collaboration marks a groundbreaking effort to raise funds and awareness for the historic venue.

The Historic Masonic Temple stands as a testament to Bay City’s rich architectural heritage, boasting original structures dating back over a century. Beyond its historical significance, the Temple has evolved into a vibrant hub for the arts, theater, and music communities, hosting a myriad of events, plays, and concerts to support its upkeep and restoration efforts.

In a move that echoes the spirit of camaraderie and community engagement, Joe Byrd’s Pure Pro Wrestling has joined forces with Kelley Kent and the Temple to produce three special events throughout the 2024 season. These events serve as platforms to not only showcase thrilling wrestling matches but also to generate vital funds and spotlight the Temple’s cultural contributions to the community.

PPW’s debut event at the Temple in October garnered moderate success, laying the foundation for a burgeoning partnership. However, the recent event in February proved to be a monumental success, nearly selling out the venue and raising over $2000 through concessions, raffles, and donations. Moreover, the event served as an introduction to nearly 300 fans who experienced the Temple’s splendor firsthand, further amplifying its outreach and impact.

Kelley Kent expressed her delight with the events and eagerly anticipates PPW’s return on Friday, May 17th, for a blockbuster event sponsored by Z93 The Rock Station & Z93’s Morning After show. With less than 300 seats available, both Kelley and Joe harbor hopes for a sold-out spectacle that not only entertains but also contributes to the Temple’s restoration efforts.

Tickets for this highly anticipated event are now available for purchase, offering fans an opportunity to witness history in the making while supporting a noble cause. As PPW and the Historic Masonic Temple continue to collaborate, their shared vision of preserving heritage and fostering community spirit remains steadfast, ensuring that the Temple remains a beacon of culture and camaraderie for generations to come.

Tickets for the upcoming May 17th event are available for purchase at

James Alexander’s Perfect Reign in Tact After Defeating Cody Manning in Bay City

In an electrifying showdown that captivated a near-capacity crowd in Bay City, Michigan, “Perfection Personified” James Alexander once again proved his impeccable status by successfully defending his coveted Michigan State Cruiserweight Championship. The highly anticipated match, which took place this past February 10th, saw Alexander go head-to-head against Cody Manning, one half of the Michigan State Tag Team Champions.

Alexander’s victory not only solidified his status as a dominant force in the cruiserweight division but also marked an impressive milestone in his illustrious career. Remarkably, Alexander has held the championship title for an impressive five years straight, earning his run as champ the nickname “Perfect Reign.”

The match itself was a showcase of skill, determination, and resilience. Manning, a polished pro wrestling veteran with a wealth of experience, brought his A-game to the ring, posing a formidable challenge to Alexander’s reign. Manning is former Cruiserweight & Tag Team Champion, a retired male model and former Coach for the CWE in India, a dojo owned and operated by WWE Hall of Famer the Great Khali.  

Despite Manning’s tenacity and expertise, Alexander proved to be a formidable adversary, utilizing his trademark precision and agility to outmaneuver his opponent at every turn. The clash of styles and strategies kept the audience on the edge of their seats, as both competitors left it all on the line in pursuit of victory.

In a momentous culmination, Alexander emerged triumphant, retaining his championship title and further cementing his legacy as one of the premier cruiserweights in the industry. His “Perfect Reign” continues unabated, a testament to his unparalleled skill, dedication, and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Beyond the realm of professional wrestling, Alexander’s star continues to rise, as evidenced by his recent stint as a stunt double for Hollywood actor Zac Efron in the blockbuster film “Iron Claw.” His versatility and charisma have earned him acclaim both inside and outside the squared circle, solidifying his status as a true luminary in the world of sports entertainment.

As James Alexander basks in the glow of yet another triumphant victory, the wrestling world eagerly awaits the next chapter in his storied career. With each passing day, he continues to embody the essence of “Perfection Personified.”

Penny Poindexter Successfully Defends the Michigan State Women’s Championship Against FULL TIME MOM in Bay City

In a clash of contrasting lifestyles and personas, Penny Poindexter, Michigan State Women’s Championship, successfully defended her title against the formidable FULL TIME MOM at the Historic Masonic Temple in Downtown Bay City, MI, on February 10th.

Penny Poindexter, a proud representative of the nerd community, has carved her path in the world of professional wrestling, inspired by her father and tag team partner, Percy Poindexter. Driven by her passion for the sport and a desire to shatter stereotypes, Penny has become a beacon of empowerment for nerds everywhere. Her journey from the realm of nerdom to the wrestling ring serves as a testament to the power of determination and self-belief.

In stark contrast, FULL TIME MOM embodies the challenges and complexities of motherhood, navigating the chaotic terrain of raising a houseful of rowdy children. Her days are consumed by the demands of caregiving, leaving little room for respite or personal pursuits. Wrestling serves as an outlet for the pent-up frustrations and stress that accompany her role as a full-time mother. FTM chooses to express her rage in the wrestling ring instead of taking it out on her family. By the time she reached the Historic Masonic Temple, FTM was so ready to explode that she jumped Penny during the announcements!

Despite the relentless onslaught from FULL TIME MOM, Penny remained steadfast in her resolve, drawing strength from the infectious energy of her fellow nerds.

Despite the best efforts of FTM,  Penny Poindexter emerged triumphant, retaining her coveted Michigan State Women’s Championship. Her victory not only solidified her status as a dominant force in women’s wrestling but also reaffirmed her commitment to championing the cause of nerds everywhere.

17 Year Old Wrestling Prodigy “Global Flier” Drake Defeats TNA’s Jack Price in Bay City

In a stunning display of talent and determination, 17-year-old wrestling prodigy “Global Flier” Drake soared to victory at the Pure Pro Wrestling event held at the Historic Masonic Temple in Bay City, Michigan, on February 10th. Drake’s victory came at the expense of TNA Wrestling star Jack Price, propelling him to the coveted position of number one contender for the Michigan State Cruiserweight Title.

The surprise, unadvertised matchup between Drake and Price kept fans on the edge of their seats as both competitors showcased their incredible athleticism and skill inside the ring. The bout unfolded with a series of electrifying exchanges, with momentum swinging back and forth between the two wrestlers.

As the match intensified, it became evident that victory could go either way, with both Drake and Price coming dangerously close to securing the win on multiple occasions. The sheer determination and resilience displayed by both competitors left the audience in awe, highlighting the depth of talent within the wrestling world.

However, just as Price seemed poised to emerge victorious, Obsidian, a supergroup of exceptional African American athletes, altered the course of the match. With their timely assistance, Drake seized the opportunity and turned the tide in his favor, securing the victory and solidifying his status as the number one contender for the Michigan State Cruiserweight Title.

With his sights set on championship gold, Drake is now slated to challenge the 5 year, “Perfect Reign” of James Alexander at Flint Iceland Arenas on March 16th. The upcoming showdown promises to be an incredible bout, as Drake looks to etch his name into wrestling history by dethroning the long-reigning champion.

Drake is a student at Camp Justice, PPW’s training center located in Goodrich, MI. As the PPW’s loyal fanbase eagerly anticipates the impending showdown, the meteoric rise of “Global Flier” Drake serves as a testament to the power of talent, dedication, and unwavering determination combined with a proper environment to train and flourish. With the support of his fans and the backing of Obsidian, Drake stands ready to seize his moment.

Obsidian’s Nefarious Plan to Steal the Top Contendership Thwarted by PPW’s Heroes

  In a dramatic turn of events at the Pure Pro Wrestling event held at the Historic Masonic Temple in Bay City on February 10th, Ray “Alpha” Adams and his formidable group Obsidian nearly hijacked the top contender’s spot in a bid for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title.

The stage was set for a showdown between Ray “Alpha” Adams, representing Obsidian, and “The Rocketman” Danny Astro to determine the next challenger for the coveted Michigan State Heavyweight Title. However, the anticipated match took an unexpected turn when Danny Astro failed to make an appearance after being introduced to the ring.

Seizing the opportunity, Ray “Alpha” Adams manipulated the situation by intimidating the referee into initiating a count-out against Danny Astro, thus positioning himself as the top contender by default. It was a cunning move that threatened to alter the course of championship contention in Pure Pro Wrestling.

However, the unfolding chaos was far from over. As Obsidian celebrated their apparent victory, a band of PPW’s Heroes, including Tank and The Amazing Zondo from The Puzzle Express, along with Dave Weston, one-half of the Michigan State Tag Team Champions and the lovable nerd Percy Poindexter, stormed the ring.

The tension reached a boiling point as Percy Poindexter revealed footage to the near-capacity crowd, exposing Obsidian’s premeditated attack on Danny Astro in the locker room prior to the show. The revelation sparked pandemonium as the two factions clashed in a frenzy of fists and fury.

As the power struggle escalated, it appeared that Obsidian had the upper hand against the valiant heroes. However, the tide turned when Cody Manning, Dave Weston’s partner and fellow tag team champion, made a dramatic entrance wielding a chair. The sight of Manning’s intervention sent Obsidian scrambling for safety, their dominance momentarily shattered by the united front of PPW’s Heroes.

With tensions running high and battle lines drawn, the question remains: what’s next for this escalating feud? The clash between Obsidian and PPW’s Heroes has ignited a powder keg of animosity, setting the stage for an epic showdown that will undoubtedly redefine the landscape of Pure Pro Wrestling.

As the rivalry intensifies and alliances are tested, one thing is certain: the war between Obsidian and PPW’s Heroes is far from over. With the fate of the Michigan State Heavyweight Title hanging in the balance, the wrestling world braces itself for the next chapter in this gripping saga of betrayal, retribution, and ultimate triumph.

Eddie Dylan & Ace Evans Match Interrupted by Hideous Man in Bay City

In a bizarre and unsettling turn of events at the Pure Pro Wrestling event held at the Historic Masonic Temple in Bay City on February 10th, a match between Bay City’s Eddie Dylan and Saginaw’s Ace Evans was rudely interrupted by the appearance of a hideously ugly and unidentified individual.

The Battle of I-75, as the match between Dylan and Evans was dubbed, had been thrilling the near-capacity crowd; however, the atmosphere quickly turned sour when the grotesque figure, resembling a walking cesspool of filth, made his unwelcome presence known.

Dressed like a butcher and donning what appeared to be a mask made of hog skin, the intruder disrupted the match, assaulted both Eddie Dylan & Ace Evans, leaving spectators and wrestlers alike bewildered and repulsed. The stench of this man was described by one eye witness ringside fan as “a combination of burnt hair and spoiled Indian food.” Despite efforts to identify the mysterious assailant, Pure Pro Wrestling officials were unable to determine his identity or origins.

Local authorities were promptly notified and provided with footage and photography of the incident, but their investigations yielded no significant leads. The enigmatic individual seemed to vanish as mysteriously as he appeared, leaving behind a trail of confusion and uncertainty. Some wonder if he even left the Masonic Temple at all. Is there a butcher in Bay City?

In a further twist, Pure Pro Wrestling’s Owner and Head Coach, Joe Byrd, also known as Xavier Justice, received an old carnival style playbill in the mail with no return address. The playbill advertised the arrival of “Eli Driftwood’s Psychocircus coming soon to a ring near you. Featuring appearances from “The Butcher, The Bearded Lady, & Eli Driftwood himself.” The playbill also smelled of burnt hair and spoiled Indian food.

The unsettling message only added to the intrigue surrounding the strange events unfolding in the wrestling community. With the emergence of Eli Driftwood’s Psychocircus and the ominous presence of The Butcher, speculation runs rampant about what dark and twisted spectacle awaits wrestling fans in the days to come.

Gideon Malice Defeats Ray “Alpha” Adams in Bay City to Earn Top Contender’s Status

In a shocking turn of events at the Pure Pro Wrestling event held at the Historic Masonic Temple in downtown Bay City, Gideon Malice emerged victorious in a hard-fought battle against Ray “Alpha” Adams, securing his position as the top contender for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title.

Malice’s triumph over Adams not only solidified his status as a formidable competitor but also propelled him into the spotlight as he prepares to face WWE Legend Rhino and former ROH World TV Champion Silas Young in a Triple Threat Match for the coveted Michigan State Heavyweight Title at Flint Iceland Arenas on March 16th.

Tickets to witness this monumental showdown featuring Malice, Rhino, and Young are available for purchase at, promising fans an unforgettable night of action and excitement.

Originally slated to face Silas Young for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title in the main event, Malice found himself thrust into an impromptu match against Ray “Alpha” Adams after Adams and his group Obsidian orchestrated an attack on Young before the show. With Young incapacitated, Adams brazenly declared himself the top contender, throwing the championship picture into disarray.

In a bold move, PPW’s Owner and Head Coach Xavier Justice opted to settle the matter in the ring, pitting Malice against Adams in a high-stakes showdown with the winner earning the right to challenge for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title.

The match between Malice and Adams captivated the audience with its intensity and unpredictability, as both competitors pulled out all the stops in their quest for supremacy. In the end, it was Malice who emerged triumphant, overcoming the formidable challenge posed by Adams and Obsidian thus cementing his status as the rightful top contender.

As the countdown to the Triple Threat Match at Flint Iceland Arenas begins, anticipation runs high for what promises to be a clash of titans. With Gideon Malice now poised to challenge Rhino and Silas Young for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title, the wrestling world eagerly awaits the culmination of this epic showdown.

Father Time & Dylan Derringer Stick it to Jack Kelly’s Upper Echelon in Bay City

If you were there. You know. The Tag team match between Father Time & “Hard to Kill” Dylan Derringer and Jack Kelly’s The Upper Echelon at the Historic Masonic Temple in downtown Bay City this past February 10th had every fan in the near capacity crowd on their feet! Some call it crazy…others call it “The Leap of Faith.”

The team of Father Time and “Hard to Kill” Dylan Derringer brought a compelling narrative to the ring. Father Time, affectionately known as “Michigan’s Miracle Man,” defied the odds at every turn, showcasing resilience and fortitude. Time, who’s in his 70s is a cancer and stroke survivor and the first legally blind pro wrestler in the world, Father Time embodied the spirit of perseverance and inspiration.

His tag team partner, “Hard to Kill” Dylan Derringer, earned his moniker by embodying the quintessential underdog. Despite often being outsized and overmatched, Derringer always refuses to back down, earning the admiration and respect of fans who rallied behind him in every bout.

Their opponents, The Upper Echelon, led by the despised villain Jack Kelly, represented the antithesis of everything Father Time and Derringer stood for. The team of Dylan Night and Mr. One Night Only, The Upper Echelon epitomized arrogance and ruthlessness, sparking nuclear heat w/ wrestling fans everywhere they go.

The tag team match quickly escalated into an all-out war, with action spilling out into the near-capacity crowd at the Historic Masonic Temple. In a moment that will be etched in wrestling history, Dylan Derringer stunned the crowd by executing a daring leap from a 15-foot balcony, sending Dylan Night crashing through a table below. The breathtaking maneuver showcased Derringer’s fearless resolve and set the stage for the final showdown.

With the momentum swinging in their favor, Father Time locked in his signature Timelock submission hold, forcing Mr. One Night Only to tap out thus sealing the victory for his team. The roar of the crowd reverberated throughout the Temple as Father Time and Derringer celebrated their hard-fought triumph.

Following the match, Father Time made a bold declaration, announcing his intentions to train and prepare to challenge for the Michigan State Heavyweight Title. Meanwhile, Dylan Derringer laid claim to the AIWF Continental Title, vowing to reclaim the championship by defeating the current champion, Dylan Night.

As the dust settles from this epic encounter, the wrestling world stands in awe of the remarkable feats witnessed at the Historic Masonic Temple. With Father Time and Dylan Derringer leading the charge, the future of Pure Pro Wrestling is poised for even greater heights of excitement, drama, and unforgettable moments in the ring.

The Junior Grapplers Shine in Bay City as Triple Threat Opens Up the Show

At the Pure Pro Wrestling event held at the Historic Masonic Temple in downtown Bay City on February 10th, fans were treated to an exhilarating junior grappler match featuring The Cobra, Jackson Lavine, and Riley Hughes. The match showcased the incredible talent and athleticism of these young competitors in an electrifying display of junior wrestling prowess.

The Junior Grapplers division, unique to Pure Pro Wrestling, offers children the opportunity to showcase their skills and passion for professional wrestling in a safe and supportive environment. As the only all-kids pro wrestling division in America, Junior Grapplers provides a platform for young athletes to learn, grow, and compete in the world of professional wrestling.

In the highly anticipated match, The Cobra, Jackson Lavine, and Riley Hughes brought their A-game to the ring, captivating the audience with their energy and enthusiasm. Each competitor demonstrated impressive technique and determination as they vied for victory in front of an appreciative crowd.

Ultimately, it was Riley Hughes who emerged triumphant, securing the win with a display of skill and tenacity that belied his age. His victory served as a testament to the hard work and dedication of young wrestlers across the country who aspire to greatness in the world of professional wrestling.

For parents and guardians looking to ignite their child’s passion for wrestling, the Junior Grapplers division offers a unique opportunity to get involved. Children of all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome to join the ranks of Junior Grapplers and experience the thrill of competing in the ring.

To sign up your youngster and learn more about the Junior Grapplers division, visit Whether they dream of becoming the next wrestling superstar or simply want to have fun and stay active, Junior Grapplers provides a supportive and inclusive community where young athletes can thrive and grow in the exciting world of professional wrestling.

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