Going into the match, the former Michigan State Heavyweight Champion and Flint Native Samson Real had the deck stacked against him. The Great Nokken is a tremendous foe as it is, but adding the leader of The Lighthouse Derrick Draven & his brainwashed henchman Adam Drake into the mix meant that The Real Deal was in a 3-on-1 situation. Real wrestled a cautious match as he always had to look over his shoulder to see where The Lighthouse was lurking. These constant distractions proved to be nearly disastrous as The Great Nokken was able to inflict massive damage onto the arm and shoulder of Real. There were several times in the match where Real didn’t look like he could continue through the pain, but once he heard the fans chanting his name a great burst of energy coursed through him and he found a way to dispose of the dastardly demon.

After the match Derrick Draven & Adam Drake were furious with Nokken for losing. It was clear that Nokken was distraught as he sat with his head in his hands in the middle of the ring, visibly disgusted with himself. In a rare display of sportsmanship not often seen in pro wrestling, Real offered his hand to Nokken to help him up. At first Nokken refused his helping hand, but the venom The Lighthouse was spitting at Nokken made him question everything. For the first time in years, after succumbing to his demons, Nokken was shaken to his core. No one knows what Samson Real said to him next as he knelt beside him, but somehow, some way, Samson’s simple act of kindness lead to The Great Nokken picking up a towel and wiping his demonic warpaint off of his face as the crowd cheered for the moment. The Great Nokken took Real’s hand in a totally surreal moment. As The Great Nokken seemingly wiped away his sins, The Lighthouse took exception to his perceived “betrayal” and got up onto the ring apron to try to convince Nokken to leave with them. Without hesitation The Great Nokken kicked Draven in the mouth and Real disposed of Drake.

Now fans have so many questions and so little answers. What’s next for the Great Nokken and Samson Real?

Catch the next chapter at Flint Iceland Arenas on Saturday, April 30th. Tickets are on sale below:

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