Fresh off the tour bus, “Heavy Metal Maniac” Shaun Mortekai went one-on-one with a multiple time tag team champion and member of the Nomads, Road Rash. For the past few months Mortekai has been clashing with Road Rash during sessions at the PPW Training Center. Mortekai has been attempting to transition from music to pro wrestling by training with Coach Xavier Justice and his staff. In class Mortekai goes hard, but his troubles after class with Road Rash finally spilled over into the ring.

At Make Your Own Luck, Road Rash had far more experience going into the bout, however the tension between the two became so personal that Mortekai came out of the gate with guns blazing. There were times when Road Rash was ahead in the contest, but by the final pinfall it was clear that there was no denying Mortekai.

After the match was over Road Rash couldn’t accept that a rookie beat him so he proceeded to grab a steel carpenter’s hammer and viciously strike the “Heavy Metal Maniac” in the back of the skull instantly knocking him out. After a visit to the ER, PPW was able to confirm that Mortekai was diagnosed with a concussion, however he checked himself out of the hospital after refusing treatment. Clearly this one isn’t over.

To make this developing saga more interesting, PPW Online has learned that James Alexander has been chosen as a Sensei for the All County Wrestling Tournament scheduled for April 30 at Flint Iceland Arenas. The reigning Michigan State Cruiserweight Champion has chosen both Road Rash & Shaun Mortekai to be members of his team as they battle 3 other teams lead by handpicked Senseis.

With so much bad blood between them, something is bound to come to a head in April. To get your tickets to the All County Wrestling Tournament below:

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