In a matchup between a new face fresh out of PPW training vs a battle hardened alumni of PPW training, The Amazing Zondo & Jhera Grey went to war. “The White Wolf ” has earned a reputation as being a fearless grappler who is always thirsty to compete. Over the past few years Grey has built a name for himself across the US as a formidable grappler. Stepping into the ring with the rookie Zondo made him a clear favorite for an easy victory and yet to the surprise of the PPW Faithful the rookie took advantage of a costly mistake and scored a win over one of PPW’s best athletes.

The Amazing Zondo is not someone you can really prepare for. Typical strategies don’t apply to a man who uses outlandish antics to get under the skin of his opponents. From the opening bell, Grey struggled to find a way to deal with Zondo’s mind games. Eventually “The White Wolf” was able to sink his claws into Zondo and in doing so dished out some serious punishment. Zondo took his licks and looked to be ripe for the harvest, but the tables turned when Grey took the fight to ringside and damaged his knee when he missed a running attack that sent him crashing kneecap first into the steel post. From there Grey could do very little to overcome Zondo and as a result “The White Wolf” was forced to tap.

Fans can expect to see both Jheras Grey & The Amazing Zondo on Saturday, April 30th at Flint Iceland Arenas. Tickets are on sale now below:

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