The Nomads are PPW’s most decorated tag team in history and they put their reputation as PPW’s resident tough guys on the line against the newcomers Made Men.

Although Road Rash & Ace Evans have been in the ring with some tough hombres, they weren’t prepared for the all out attack of “The Don” Tone Leone & “Babyface” Jay Leo.

The Nomads came out the gate firing on all cylinders, but it didn’t take long for the wiseguys to gain the advantage and start isolating Road Rash in their corner. The Made Men delivered a pretty swift beating to Road Rash while Evans tried desperately to reach for a tag. Eventually the tables turned and Road Rash was able to counter a Double Clothesline attempt into a Neckbreaker that sent both Leone & Leo to the mat.

With the fresh partner Ace Evans in the ring The Nomads began to take back control. Evans was landing every shot and Tone Leone was in serious trouble. A desperate Jay Leo left the ring to get two wooden baseball bats, but the Nomads took a page from the late great Eddie Guererro’s playbook. The Made Men tried using the bats, but the Nomads came prepared and used them to win the match.

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