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A Complete Wrestling Training System

Pure Pro Wrestling (PPW) is Michigan’s largest and only touring brand of professional wrestling. For nearly 20 years PPW has produced family friendly live events & trained some of the finest wrestlers  in the state of Michigan. Past students have been featured by wwe, impact, ring of honor, evolve, & gcw. PPW’s development center takes great pride in providing professional coaching for an affordable price. Our passionate and experienced coaching staff are committed to seeing each student succeed. Training sessions are fun yet challenging. Classes provide an amazing social atmosphere where friendships are built and memories are made.

while our staff will push you to your limits, this isn’t a boot camp. Our coaches teach with safety as their number one priority. PPW doesn’t believe in aggressive and abusive physicality and degradation as a way to teach technique; a method traditionally used in other schools. We believe in an abundance of repetition and positive motivation.  Also, PPW doesn’t cram too much information into a fixed time curriculum where students often graduate lacking confidence and the ability to perform at a professional level. Its our goal to give our students the time they need to develop full confidence in their technique and ability to perform.

Our 3 tier curriculum is a comprehensive program with clear objectives to obtain professional status. Students also have the ability to broaden their studies after they turn pro by learning advanced techniques and styles in masters level courses.  Just imagine, you could be a certified pro wrestler w/ a masters in suplexing. Aside from our in ring courses, PPW also offers a variety of business, character development, and promo training to help you become the best pro wrestler that you can be.


Monday | Closed
Tuesday | 6PM – 7:30PM w/ Xavier Justice
Wed | 7PM – 8:30PM w/ Xavier Justice
Thurs | 6PM – 7:30PM w/ Aaron Orion and/or Adam Wick
Fri | 6PM – 7:30PM w/ Ace Evans and/or Road Rash
Sat | 12PM – 1:30PM w/ Xavier Justice
Sun | Closed

* Classes are held at Camp Justice 5327 WASHBURN RD. in Goodrich, MI


All classes must be booked ahead of time. You must contact our Head Coach Xavier Justice via email or via text at (810) 845-3962. Students will be expected to keep appointments. Unexcused missed sessions will result in student paying the cost of the missed session. If circumstances force you to change your schedule please contact our Head Coach to reschedule.


Have the Development Center all to yourself! Ideal for groups of students or pros who are looking to level up and create content. 


Level 1

Introductory level curriculum designed to lay a foundation for the in-ring technique & physical conditioning needed for advanced level courses.

Pro Wrestling Basics 101

Introduction to bumps, rolls, ring positioning, hooks, holds, take downs, pins, corner & rope work, acting/selling & foundational level fitness.

Level 2

Intermediate level curriculum designed to set the stage for students to get one step closer to achieving professional status. Students will be challenged with new in ring technique as while beginning their understanding of how the technique is used to create a match.

Intermediate Level

Intro to spot & set development while moving to the next level bumps, rolls, ring positioning development, hooks, holds, take downs, pins, & corner and rope work. Students will also begin learning striking, submissions, aerial & high impact maneuvers.

Level 3

Advanced level curriculum designed to be the last phase allowing students the opportunity to pass professional certification requirements. Completing this level allows students to turn pro & begin a career. Students will learn advanced in-ring techniques and match development. Students will also learn critical business components of the professional wrestling industry. This level will put a strong emphasis on character development and career preparation

Advanced Level

Students learn the most challenging and dangerous techniques in the trade. Advanced levels of storytelling, acting, match development, & wrestling for TV will be addressed. Lessons include Tag Team wrestling, multi-man matches, & specialty matches. Students are introduced to the business of pro wrestling which includes building a resume, creating a brand, marketing, creating opportunity, merchandising, traditions & etiquette, creating profit, & creating a career plan.

Masters Class

In pro wrestling, you never stop learning. Great wrestlers constantly work on their craft, build their bodies, and work tirelessly to turn their gimmick into a brand. These sessions, the guest coaches, and lessons taught are only for passionate students who have a genuine desire to master the craft and further their abilities and create opportunities to advance their careers.

Master Your Craft:

Stay sharp on all your technique, advance your abilities, up your game. Create original spots, sets, moves, holds, & more. Learn new ways to do familiar techniques. Learn the most challenging techniques in our trade from PPW Coaches & other World Class Guest Coaches. Learn different styles of pro wrestling, advanced marketing, media development, branding, and sales. Working the merch table like a pro. Advanced level seminars w/ guest coaches.



Chain / Submission Wrestling

-wrist lock (standard, top inside & out)

-hammer lock

-full nelson

-waist lock


-bear hug

-front face lock


-courting hold


-chin lock 

-body scissors

-head scissors

-leg lock

-front ankle lock


-Boston crab / single leg crab

-figure four

-Rings of Saturn

-Texas clover leaf

-spinning toe hold

-abdominal stretch

-arm bar – baby and heel version

-submission style arm bar / arm breaker variations

-key lock






-forearms (head, back, corner, chest, running, flying)

-kicks (standard toe kick, corner kicks & stomps, dropkicks, big boots, running, yakuza, super kick, spinning kick, pump kick, side kicks), double stomps, curb stomps, running drop kicks, baseball slides

-Knees (running, knee drop, knee to midsection, kitchen sink, corner knees -standing & running, knee lift, flying knee

-Elbows (corner, back elbow, elbows from holds, spinning, running, flying, elbow drops

-From Corner – eating a boot/bow/knee

-leg drops

-first drops


-cross body


-karate style chops

-standing / running splash

-European uppercut 

-palm strike

Suplexes & Throws

Snapmare, standard, stalling, snap, brainbuster, northern lights, fisherman, fisherman buster, belly to belly, over head belly to belly, german (release & bridge), full nelson, dragon, half nelson, exploder, fall away, superplex, belly to back, back suplex, head and arm, double under hook, super back suplex, sling shot, corner variations, top rope over head belly to belly, top rope hip toss / arm drag, gutwrench suplex, back body drop


Body slam, front slam, power slam ropes, power slam shoulders, running power slam, black hole slam, sidewalk slam, full nelson slam, choke slam, Urinagi (Rock Bottom), Fireman’s slam, Electric Chair slam,

Neckbreakers & DDTs

Neckbreakers: standard layout, sit out, running, head & arm swinging, flipping, rope assisted

DDT Variations: Face plant, roll through, head stand, tornado, inverted, jumping, jump-swinging, reverse, reverse inverted, rope assisted, power slam counter ddt, lucha variations

Neckbreakers & DDTs

Neckbreakers: standard layout, sit out, running, head & arm swinging, flipping, rope assisted

DDT Variations: Face plant, roll through, head stand, tornado, inverted, jumping, jump-swinging, reverse, reverse inverted, rope assisted, power slam counter ddt, lucha variations

Busters & Breakers

Busters: Anderson style spine buster, up & down  high – angle, Alabama slam, choke buster, sit out, corner

Breakers: Standard slow & snap, back suplex to back breaker, belly to back breaker, choke slam back breaker, power bomb back breaker, lung blower / back pack, torture rack back breaker, shoulder breaker

Takedowns & Drops

Takedowns: Fireman’s carry, headlock takeover, waste lock take over,  hip toss, arm drag, head scissors take over (standing, ropes, corner, running, hurricanrana), monkey flip, bulldogs, face busters, Russian leg sweep, sweep ankle pick, single leg take down, double leg take down, MMA lifting take down, jumping arm breaker, drop toe hold (from ropes, from lock up facing, from waist lock), dragon screw, Mexican Whip, front / back key lock takeover 

Drops: Atomic Drops, Inverted atomic drops, atomic drop leapfrog counter, inverted atomic drop catch from top or middle rope, Electric chair drop


waist lock arm drag, key lock takeover, arm drag from lock up, arm drag from ropes, Irish whip (arm ringer into flip), wheelbarrow arm drag, springboard drag, wrist lock counter into lucha drag, base to side roll lucha drag, top wrist lock arm drag, seesaw arm drag, European arm drag, Courting hold arm drag and reversal arm drag, half nelson arm drag, Japanese arm drag, Roll through kip up to double wrist drag.


standing power bomb, sit out power bomb, running power bomb, double under hook bomb (sitout & standing), Straight jacket bomb, sunset bomb corner, sunset bomb standing, lifting bomb, power bomb catch from drop kick, running corner bomb, super power bomb, gut wrench power bomb, Razors Edge, blue thunder


Standard sit out, pulling, tombstone, Death Valley Driver, Fireman’s carry sit-out driver, Michinoku , Cradle, Tiger Driver, Greetings from Asbury Park, flipping, package, Snow plow, Rubix Cube, Wheelbarrow driver, super driver (top rope), Gringo Killer, styles clash

Rope Technique

-Rope Running

-Whips & reversals

-drop downs & leap frogs

-duck lines, elbows, punches, & boots

-slide between leg reverse

-lucha passes

-running slip slams

-half shoot / short whip

-short arm / step through reverse

-criss cross

-pull back whip

Bumps & Rolls

-2 hand, left / right, tiger, reverse to base, reverse to standing


-kip ups

-Backbumps: situp bump, assisted bump, standing bump, contact bump, running bump

-Flip Bumps: standing & assisted

-face bumps: from knees, standing, contact, assisted

-handstand bump

-head spike bump

-neck bridges (front, back, reverse from front to back, back to front, standing to back bridge)

-two hand / tiger rolls from all three ropes

-Top rope bump

Corner Work:

-taking the corner

-eating the buckle

-banderas / up and over ./ in and out

-water under the bridge / up and under

-up and under catch

-spacing & timing on spots

Ring Positioning:

-mirroring / spacing

-left over right

-bump feed


-quiet feet

-3 lane system

Set & Spot Development:

-basic set & spot structure

-advanced multi – spot sets

-communicating spots & sets

-calling on the fly

-remembering spots & sets


-performing as a ref


-match roles & responsibilities

-Ref spots

Promo Technique:

-proper structure

-live vs recorded

-hooking the audience

-character promos





-catch phrases

-crowd interaction


-Acting / selling

-controlling the crowd

-Moving naturally

-selling moves short term and long term

-connecting the character to the audience

-compelling character and story development

-match structure / spot / set structure

-pacing and timing

-building to high spot moments

-time management

-covering blown spots

-generating heat

-presence & charisma

Body: Conditioning / Cardio / Physique:

-In ring cardio

-Athlete’s Diet

-Body building

-Personal Care & Hygiene



-Injury prevention

-Injury Treatment

-Career Longevity

Business Understanding:

-Resume, promotional package building

-contacting promoters, negotiating pay

-character development

-brand development & marketing


-social media

-Keeping a schedule

-career goals and outline

-locker room etiquette

-ring etiquette

-calling a match with strangers

-Maximizing profits at bookings 

-creating & marketing your own media content (addressing content & technical issues like lighting, sound, location and overall appearance.)

-Wrestling for TV

-International opportunity

-Career Planning

Wrestlers Trained

Wrestling Coaches

Special Seminars Each Year

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